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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Troubleshooting


1. Assure that the USB cable is connected to the AC wall adapter, and that it is connected to the wall.

2. After connecting the charger to the wall, connect the Micro USB into the charging port of the device, which is located at the bottom.

3. You may use the device while it is charging, but it may extend the time necessary to complete a full charge.

4. When charging is finished, remove the Micro USB from the device.


1. When trying to listen to media through the device if you encounter trouble with the sound, use the longer button located on the right side of the device to control the volume.

2. To increase the volume of media playing on the device, press the top side of the button, and to decrease volume, press the bottom side until the desired volume is met.

Device Losing All Power

1. If the device does not respond to pressing the unlock button, the device may be completely depleted of power.

2. To restore power to the device, follow the charging directions, and allow the battery to charge with minimal use of the device.


1. If the device is not responding to functions it may be frozen. Hold the power button, which is the smaller button located on the right side of the device, for 8 to 10 seconds and that will restart the device.


1. The device is compatible with headphones, in order to do so, take the headphones that are included with the device, or ones of similar variety, and plug them into the headphone port located in the bottom right corner of the device.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. When connecting the device to Wi-Fi networks, assure that you are in range of a suitable Wi-Fi network.

2. Open the settings on the device, and find the Wi-Fi connection settings.

3. When on the Wi-Fi connections screen, select the network you are trying to join.

4. If prompted to do so, enter the password to the network, and select the option to join the network.

Accessing the Camera

1. In order take photos on the device, open the applications menu.

2. Locate the Camera application on the menu, and click to launch the camera.

3. Once the Camera application is open, focus on the object you wish to photograph, and click the on-screen camera button to take the photo.

Unresponsive Screen

1. Your screen connection to the motherboard is lost.

You need to disassembly the device and check the connection even replace the screen.

Blurred Screen

1. Black dots and lines appear across the screen.

Applying a little pressure on area of dots or line, most dots are caused by stuck pixels. If this does not work, replace your screen.

2. Screen alternates between black and light.

This can be caused by lose connection, but most likely, it is caused by a bad LCD inverter. Replacement is needed if that happens.

Unchangeable lightness

1. Screen lightness remains the same all the time and can be changed.

This can be caused by disconnection between motherboard and brightness regulator, you need to replace the screen if you can't tolerate it.


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