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Razer Naga Expert MMO Troubleshooting

Also known as the Razer Naga 2014, the Razer Naga Expert MMO was released in July of 2013. It is identified by its signature 12 programmable side buttons, Optical (4G) laser sensor, and a maximum of 8,200 DPI.

Scroll wheel won’t scroll smoothly.

Make sure that your program is currently selected for use. The device should be programmed for ‘front’ and ‘active.’ You can activate it by clicking anywhere inside the program. To make sure the program is responding to your commands, try typing.

Look for something jammed between the wheel and the edges. If there is nothing, you may need to open the mouse. Remove any hair, or other debris you find. You may need to clean with isopropyl alcohol.

Mouse won’t turn on.

Be sure to check to see if your mouse is plugged into a USB port on the desired device. If this does not work, try another USB port on your device.

Follow these steps in the video to replace your wire for your device

Mouse double clicks when you wish to single click.

Clean the inside of the mouse. Open the mouse and drop isopropyl alcohol onto the microswitches and its contacts. Use your finger or a cotton swab and press down on the switch to ensure cleaning the contacts. Allow 15 minutes to dry before trying the mouse again.

Mouse cursor lags after initial movement or stops moving completely.

There could be debris on or in the laser sensor. To remove debris from off the sensor, blow on the sensor or use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to gently rub off any potential fuzz or dirt off of the sensor. If there is debris inside of the lazer, run a toothpick around the outside of the plastic pad ring to clean it.

Mouse LED lights aren’t working properly.

Launch Razer the razer application on you computer and check to see if the device needs an update. It is possible the device is behind software-wise and might need an update itself to allow the LED lights to work.

Plug mouse into different USB port, as it is possible the USB port is not recognized by the computer. If you try it plugging it in to another device and it works there, then the device you have originally tried to get the mouse to work with has a faulty USB port.

Follow these steps in the video to replace your wire for your device


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