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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The camera is producing very dark pictures, almost barely able to see!

When shooting photos in darker locations, you may want to use the flash. You can enable the flash by going into the settings of the camera and adjusting them accordingly.

The object you are trying to capture may be too far from the camera. Move the object closer to the camera to get a better image and use the flash properly.

Make sure the object has the light shining against it, rather than behind it. Doing this will produce pictures with better lighting and wont be see dark.

Turning up the exposure in the settings will allow the camera to capture more light, making the pictures brighter.

Changing the exposure can help the picture to become darker or lighter depending on your needs. Navigate to the settings and find the exposure settings. Changing this into the negative values will make the camera to capture less light, making the pictures darker.

It can be hard to tell if the flash is on, especially in the daylight. Turn off the flash so you will not use any excess light from the camera that is not needed.

The camera will not turn on, no matter how many times you press the power button!

If the camera is not turning on, you may need to check the batteries. The camera comes with two rechargeable batteries. Make sure they are installed properly.

Reinserting the batteries is an easy step that can perform wonders. Check to see if taking the batteries out and placing them back into place will help you.

Try different batteries to confirm that the batteries are in fact dead.

There is no action on the digital display on the camera

You may have the camera connected to the computer or T.V. Before you can view the images on the camera, the device will need to be disconnected from those displays. Also be sure that the camera is on.

The display may be hard to see if the brightness is on a low settings or a power saving mode. Change this in the settings to turn up the brightness on the display.

The flash is being charged or there is no available space on the memory card. Replace the memory card or move the files to another device.

You will need more light being displayed on the object to get up close pictures of an object. Either use the flash on the camera by enabling it in the settings or use an external light source.

The camera may be out of focus. Be sure that you have the auto focus setting enabled in the settings. Try to have less movement on the camera when capturing the picture. You may also want to try cleaning off the lens with a damp, soft towel.

Be sure that you have the correct memory card type installed into the camera.


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