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Panasonic Lumix dmc-fh25 Troubleshooting

Use our Panasonic Lumix dmc-fh25 troubleshooting page to diagnose your device's issues.

Camera is unresponsive when powered on

Make sure the batteries are charged. If not, charge them and replace them in the camera.

If the batteries are charged, check the connection in the camera. Be sure that the connection between the battery node and the camera is clean. If not, clean them with a clean, dry towel.

If the camera lens extends when powered on, but the screen won't activate, the LCD screen may be broken. Go to LCD Screen Replacement for help replacing the screen

Camera won't turn on even when the batteries are fully charged, or the batteries themselves won't charge

Check for damage on the battery or charger, especially on the connective points. Be sure you are using the original battery or one approved by the manufacturer. Other batteries may not charge effectively. Panasonic recommends a DMW-BCK7PP battery fora replacement battery if yours gets lost or damaged.

The charger may not work in temperatures outside of 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is the case, move the charger to a warmer/cooler location and it should begin to charge.

Make sure the connective ports are clean and free of corrosion or oxidation. If there is dirt on the ports, clean them with a clean, dry cloth. Mild corrosion can be cleaned with a rubber pencil eraser or a q-tip and some WD-40. Vinegar or lemon juice may also work for this. Be sure everything is unplugged during this process. Make sure that the battery itself is not leaking as well. If so, replace the battery.

The plastic cover on the lens will not open, blocking you from taking pictures

Make sure the lens cover is clean. Even a small obstruction can cause the lens cover to be stuck shut. Try blowing compressed air around the lens. A hairdryer for a few seconds can also be used. Try to avoid heating up the camera, so use low heat or no heat if possible. With the lens pointing downward, turn the camera on and off again a few times to extend the lens. Tap the lens a few times with a pencil to try and dislodge any grit that may have gotten in there.

If nothing is outwardly blocking the lens, something may be wrong with the opening mechanism itself. To access the mechanism, first use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean the ring around the lens cover. Then use a razor blade to gently pop the cover off. This should allow you to identify any issues with the opening mechanism. Use compressed air or a hairdryer to address any obstructive issues.

Lens will not extend when you try to zoom in

If the camera battery dies while the lens is extended, sometimes it will not reopen or close. Turn off the camera and remove the memory card and the battery. Replace the battery with a fully charged one and turn the camera on with the memory card still removed.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. Turn off the camera and remove the memory card. Turn the camera back on. You need to get the lens to extend. To do so, try lightly tapping the side of the lens. You can also give the lens a small twist in the counterclockwise direction. This may align the lens guide pin. If this does not work, you may have to replace the lens.

Sometimes grit can get between the layers of the lens and you will need to dislodge it. If the lens extends enough, try twisting or jiggling it lightly. This may be enough to shake out any debris, but be aware that you may also twist the lens too much and it will slip out of alignment. If this does not work, try placing the camera lens-down on a soft cloth on table. Turn the camera on and off a few times. The resistance from the table may be enough to dislodge any particles.


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