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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9

When you turn on the camera, it indicates that the memory card is not detected

Test the camera to see if you can take any more pictures if the camera indicates that the memory card is full, then the memory card needs to be replaced. Turn off the camera, then locate where the battery cover under the camera. Open the cover, then locate a small black card insert, and remove by pulling the tab to the right to remove the memory card.

Test the memory card to see if it is compatible with the camera. If it is not compatible, the screen will say “Memory Card Error.”. Turn off the camera and replace a memory card with a compatible memory card. Compatible memory card brands: Synergy Digital, Transcend, and Integral Ultima. Follow this guide to replace your memory card.

Your Lumix DMC -FX9 fails to turn on

If your Lumix DMC -FX9 fails to turn on or the camera stays on for a short amount of time and turns on, the battery needs to be replaced or charged. Locate the battery cover under the camera, and press in the battery to remove, if the battery is rechargeable, charge the battery, or if it’s with regular batteries, replace with new batteries.

If you Lumix DMC-FX9 shows a “Battery Cannot Be Used” error message, you will either insert a battery that’s incompatible with your Panasonic camera, or you are using a third-party battery that may not work with your Panasonic. If the third-party battery is not compatible with your camera, opt for a battery manufactured by Panasonic. Follow this guide to replace your battery.

When I take a picture, the flash won’t go off

Turn your camera off, wait about 10 seconds and power the camera back on. On top of the camera, find the mode dial to the left, slightly behind the Shutter button. Turn the mode dial until you get to an icon that is a red camera, this is the normal mode, which the flash should always go off when taking a picture.

If your camera is in the normal mode and the flash will not go off, the flash assembly can be broken.

My camera screen is black when I turn on the camera

If the camera turns on and the lens extends in the photo taking mode, but your screen does not display an image at any time during the photo taking process, your screen is broken. Follow this guide to replace your LCD screen.

If the camera turns on but the screen is black and unresponsive, there may be a digital cable that is loose from the main logic board inside the camera. Follow this guide to reattach the loose cables.

When I turn on my camera the lens will not open or extend

If your lens does not extend when turning on the camera, and you have checked the battery and display, then you need to replace the camera lens assembly.

When turning on your camera, the lens attempts to open, but get stuck and resets (go back in and not extend), then there is dirt or small particles in the lens. Use a small soft brush to sweep your lens clean but be careful to not scratch the lens on the front or another solution is to blow air on the lens to get the dirt out.

The buttons are not responding when they are pressed, or the wrong action happens when a button is pressed.

If the buttons are broken, then you need to replace the buttons. Replace the back panel of the button. Follow this guide to replace the button panel.


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