Human race is blessed to have the inventions like airplane, bullet trains, cars,navigation systems and much more that expedites the transport and travel. The previous generations of ours struggled a lot to make commodities reach at distant destinations. Undoubtedly, technology has been a boon to the human life as far as its effects on daily life is concerned. Travelling and transportation is lot easier now as technology has outdone the expectations of people belonging to yester-years.

Daily life of an individual is fast and keeps him occupied to the level of exhaustion. Handling work, home and family altogether is quite tenacious at times. Nobody wants to spend time in doing laundry on his own. You know you are free of those pressures as you have got the automatic machine to do the laundry for you. At the same time, you are being rendered the assistance of the dishwasher once you are done with the supper. For most of us it is hard to even imagine life without all these home appliances that are now cornerstones of every household.

A glance in your office and it is stacked with gifts of technology like computers, phones, printers and much more. Productivity and efficiency of humans have doubled or tripled after the advent of technology in the business.


Average life span of a person has increased in last 100 years but the quality of life could have been much better. Reason behind this is the advancements in the medical fields, decrease in the difficulties of routine life and a better control over catastrophic events and epidemics. Longevity of life is one aspect and is lesser important than the quality of life a person leads.

Nowadays people have started falling ill at a very early age. Fatal diseases like cancers, tumors and cardiovascular problems are getting common. What do you think it has to do with technology? Well if you think for a while you will know that over-dependence on technology has made man lethargic and less active. Lack of physical activity and exposure to harmful rays is doing the havoc.

Not only the physical health but also the mental well-being is a matter of concern. Depression and sleeping disorders like insomnia are not uncommon. It has also its roots in use of technology. Using mobile phones and other gadgets in bed disturbs your system and you fail to fall asleep. This causes headaches, lack of concentration and other problems too.


It will not be an exaggeration to say that technology flows in our body along with blood. There is no looking back from here but we better open our eyes on time for the resources available on this holy planet are limited and exhaustible. We should be more focused towards sustainable development and take quick and effective actions to limit the use of technology for our own good. A better health status and a bright future can be secured by restricting the use of technology to some extent.


When you commit to limit use of technology you will be rewarded with better health, better relations and lots of satisfaction. It is important that you turn off mobile phones after reaching home. Spend time with your spouse, kids and family members for feeling alive. Instead of spending hours on social media platforms such as Snap chat, Twitter, Facebook and others go out to meet your friends frequently and share your lives. Laughter comes in face to face talks unlike Whatsapp chats where you have emoji to smile or cry. Stop faking and start living your life by skipping technology on frequent occasions.

The whole discussion boils down to the conclusion that like many other things technology also has its own set of limitations and advantages. What you need to do is to balance out its interventions in your life for protecting yourself and your loved ones from the negative effects of technology.

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