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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo BL641 Troubleshooting

Nutri Ninja® Ninja® Blender DUO™ with Auto-iQ® Model BL641

Blender Will Not Turn On

Blender does not respond when you attempt to use it.

Outlet Issues

Check to make sure the blender is plugged in properly and that it is a closed circuit, meaning that if the outlet is controlled by a switch, make sure the switch is turned on. Additionally make sure that if your outlet has a built-in GFCI circuit breaker that it is not tripped by pressing the reset button.

Blender Still Will Not Turn On

This may be due to a problem with the power cord including overuse or other damages, and can be replaced as shown here.

Blend is Not the Right Consistency

You are having trouble getting your blend to be the right consistency, whether that means it’s too liquid-like or too chunky.

Ingredients Are Under Processed

If there are chunks in your blend, then don’t pack too much into the blender at once. For best results, keep ingredients under the 64 oz. line and cut them up beforehand to make them fit better if need be and use short pulses so that the ingredients have an increased chance of circulating throughout the blender.

Ingredients Are Over Processed

If blend is too runny, then make sure that you did not put too little in the blender and avoid blending it all in one pulse. For best results, make sure to use many short pulses when blending until the desired consistency is reached.

Blender is Still not Blending as Promised

Even when you don't put much in the blender, the consistency is still chunky.

If this is happening, it means you have a dull blade and will have to replace it, as shown here.


Blades Won't Turn

The blades are not moving or are not moving as they should

Damaged Motherboard

If there is no sound coming from the blender when the blades should be turning it could be the motherboard's connection is bad and the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Blender Overheats

Blender gets very warm or shuts down while running

If this is the case the fan likely needs to be replaced, as shown here.

Leaking Blender

Liquid comes out of the blender while in use.

Broken Jar

If the leaking is a result of a crack in the glass jar, then you will have to purchase and replace it with a new jar.

Liquid Gets in Electronic Circuitry

Blender gets submerged in water

Discard immediately as this could potentially deliver a very powerful electric shock when plugged in again.


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