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Nikon Coolpix s3500 Troubleshooting

Released in February of 2013, identified by model 26379.

No matter how many times I try to power the device on and off the LCD is still black.

If the LCD screen is not coming on, the device may be dead.

If the USB cable is connecting the computer and camera, the LCD screen will not come on.

If the camera is charging, the LCD screen will be blank.

The rear buttons that help navigate through the functions of the camera are not operating properly.

If the rear buttons become stuck, or lodged, try pushing and pressing in the opposite direction that it is stuck in.

If the rear buttons fall off the device, the buttons must be replaced.

If the rear buttons are not functioning properly, it is possible that the internal mechanism of the button is bad and needs to be completely replaced.

The device will not allow me to take any pictures because the shutter button is no longer operating properly.

If the shutter release button becomes stuck, it could possibly be caused by a build up of dirt. Try to clean out with compressed air.

If the shutter release button is not functioning at all, it must be replaced.

The memory card and battery door has detached from my camera and I can not get it back on

If the battery door has detached from the camera and can no longer hold the battery into place, then the door must be replaced.

I keep trying to take pictures, but my flash will not work.

If your flash will not fire, first, check and make sure that the flash is turned on.

If you have your camera in the blink proof mode, your flash will not operate properly. Try disabling blink proof and then take your picture.

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Nikon coolpix s3500 has power. Last photo taken is stuck in view finder. Camera will not turn on. Lens is in retracted (closed) position.

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