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The camera is not responsive, and does not seem like it is powering on at all.

Make sure your battery is fully charged. One of the most common underlying causes of unresponsiveness is a dead battery. If you are unsure that your battery is charged, plug in your power adapter and let the camera charge for 2 hours. If the camera still doesn’t turn on, you may need to replace the battery. Check out this guide to do so: Battery Replacement.

A sticky power button may be the cause of the camera not turning on. If the camera remains unresponsive even after replacing the battery, you may need to replace the power button. Check out this guide to do so: Sticky Button.

When the camera powers on, the screen does not display anything.

Make sure that the light for the power button is on. If nothing is being displayed on the LCD screen, then the screen could be at fault. You can replace the LCD screen by following this guide: LCD Replacement.

The buttons are not working when pressed, are sticky, or are missing altogether.

If the button otherwise works normally but has become stuck and cannot return to its original state, you can follow this guide to fix it: Sticky Button.

Make sure the camera is turned on and the buttons are not jammed. If the buttons are still unresponsive, or missing altogether, the buttons may need to be replaced. You can follow this guide for button replacement: Button Replacement.

When a picture is taken, the photo comes out all black, overexposed, or different than expected.

If your camera will only take all black pictures, or overexposed ones, a possible cause could be that your camera's shutter feature is stuck. To check, turn off flash and automatic settings and take a picture. If the camera does not flicker, the shutter may be stuck. To resolve this, follow our repair guide: Sticky Button.


When trying to recharge the battery's, it starts alright, but shortly after the OffON goes on and 'battery exsausted'. (Using the original cabel). Camera serial# 41003207. Purchased 3years ago in a Media Mark store.

Katalin AL reda - Reply

#41003207, from Media Marks, using original recharger Cabel, on with computer, shortly after charging starts, the ON/OFF and ' battery exsaustet' turns on, and closes. What to do.?

Katalin AL reda - Reply

pictures are not clear, i get pictures blur after shot, i don't what happened to this camera

i haven't used it much, so disappointed with this purchase

pls help

Divya Yadav - Reply

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