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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen Troubleshooting

Battery life is not what it was when first purchase.

Make sure there is power from the outlet.

Make sure the watch is properly place on the charging dock. That the back of the watch up against the dock.

Inspect cable for any physical damage.

Just like any other devices the Motorola Moto 360 battery can lose its battery life when left on the charger for too long. Pay attention when charging your device so that once it reaches 100% remove device. In the case of the battery is weak the battery will need to be replace. Refer to this battery replacement guide for steps on replacing the Moto 360 battery.

When the power button is pressed the screen does not turn on.

Place the watch on the dock with the power button facing up. The watch should power on with the time and an indicator for charging.

Make sure nothing is interfering with the button. Check for dirt and grime around the button. Scrape/remove as much dirt as possible. Prevent using liquids for cleaning the button. If the button still does not word it may need to be replace.

The screen lights up but there are some dead pixels (Dark Spots).

Check for dirt, stain or anything on the screen and remove it. If that does not work and the screen is clean, try applying pressure on the dead pixel with a small blunt object. Try not to scrape or damage the screen. If the problem is still not solved take a look at the display replacement guide for information on replacing the screen.

This looks like a colored bar code across the bottom of the screen while the device is in use. When this occurs you will have to replace the display. Please take a look at the display replacement guide for replacing the screen.

Watch does not respond to voice commands.

Fully clean the outer part of the watch, ensuring that no dirt is on the device. Test by speaking clearing at the watch. If the device does not work, carefully remove the back panel (View other guides for how to remove back panel) and clean the inner parts of the watch. Ensure that you don’t get the inside of the watch wet. Compressed air is the best alternative to get rid of dirt.

Disconnect and reconnect the watch to your smart phone. Try resetting the watch. If that still does not work, the app on your phone for the watch may need to be removed and re downloaded.

The Moto 360 doesn’t connect to the computer.

If the USB port is damage the device will not be recognize. Test the port with another USB device such as a USB thumb drive to ensure the port is working.

The computer will not detect the watch if the drivers are out dated or not installed. Thus data will not transferred. Do a search on google to find the most recent and updated drivers.


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