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Motorola Droid MAXX 2 Troubleshooting

Released in the United States on October 2015

Front Camera Issues ¶ 

Photos taken by the front camera are blurry, hazy or totally black

Blurry Photos ¶ 

Phone cameras constantly taking blurry photos does not necessarily mean the camera is damaged. One reason could be improper photo-taking technique. The phone needs to be held steadily when taking the photo in order for it to be taken properly. If the problem persists, then there could be a problem with the camera itself that is addressed further down.

Crack in the lens ¶ 

If there is a small, unnoticeable crack in the 5MP front-facing camera, it is likely that the photos taken by the phone will be of poor quality, if even able to be taken at all. This could be caused by having dropped the device and the damage to the camera being small enough that it went unrecognized until it came to taking pictures. If the camera lens is cracked, the resolution is to purchase a replacement front-facing camera for the phone and go through with replacing it.

Detaching Front Screen ¶ 

Another reason for the front camera to be blurry or hazy is if the front screen of the phone is becoming detached from the rest of the phone’s body, even if minimally. This causes the camera to not be held in place properly and gives a tunnel vision like aspect to whatever pictures are taken. This leads to pictures that are hazy and are poor quality in resolution. This situation needs to be fixed by a replacement of the entire frontal area of the phone and put back together.

Front Camera Repair Guide

Back Camera Issues ¶ 

Unable to take photos or photos are blurred/hazy using the rear-facing camera

Blurry Photos ¶ 

This is the same situation as with the front camera creating blurry photos. Try taking photos with the camera held perfectly still and firm. If the photos keep coming out blurry, then a replacement is probably necessary, so long as it doesn't involve the natural limitations of the type of camera that comes with the phone (5 MP).

Unable to switch back and forth between front and rear-facing camera ¶ 

If the phone is unable to switch back and forth between rear and front the phone’s cache needs to be cleared for the camera. Verizon offers a full guide on how to do this on their website. After clearing the cache, reboot the device. If this does not work the next step would be to reset the phone to factory settings.

Crack in the lens ¶ 

Again, having a crack in the lens requires a replacement of the camera inside the phone. Digging a little deeper into the phone is going to be necessary to reach the back camera than the front.

Back Camera Repair Guide

Phone will not keep charge/turn on ¶ 

When trying to operate the device there is not a response.

Bad Charger ¶ 

There is a possibility that the phone is completely dead and it simply needs a charge. Try plugging the device in. If that is done and the device is not responsive, the charger might just need to be replaced to check and see if the device works otherwise.

Bad Battery ¶ 

If the situation has already been diagnosed that the charger is fully functional, it is likely that the battery for the device is faulty. Batteries losing their ability to hold a charge after a while is a common issue for cell phones. The battery for the Motorola Droid MAXX 2 is a lithium ion, 3.8v battery that is readily available for purchase online.

Battery Repair Guide

Device Will Not Produce Sound ¶ 

Device fails to make any noises/sounds associated with its functionality, including, but not limited to, ringing, playing music, application sounds, etc.

Speaker Not Working ¶ 

Speaker may be non-functional for many reasons, including, but not limited to: damage due to excessive use, water damage, dropping of phone, etc. To check, turn the volume all the way up and test out the problem by watching a video or having someone call the phone. If the device is not emitting sound when all the bases are checked and it is supposed to, this is a clear indication that there is a problem with the speaker. This situation would require a complete replacement of the speaker inside of phone.

Speaker Repair Guide

Phone Screen is Damaged/Unresponsive ¶ 

Phone screen is damaged from being dropped or impacted

Black Screen ¶ 

When using the phone, if the screen turns completely black and is unresponsive. First, try to hard shut down the phone and turn it back on. If that is done, and the screen is still all black, a replacement is most likely necessary. With a problem this severe, especially one where the screen is extremely compromised would pretty much necessitate a screen replacement. The Droid MAXX 2 has a fused display, like most cell phones, so that will need to be replaced entirely.

Unresponsive Screen ¶ 

Phone screens may lose the ability to recognize touching and become useless, essentially, on a smartphone. If the screen is damaged and unresponsive to touch, yet different from a completely black screen, make sure to turn the phone off and back on again. If the problem persists, much like the completely black screen, a removal of the fused display and replacement will be necessary.

Screen Repair Guide


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