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Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will assist you in diagnosing problems with a Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio.

Audio Distortion ¶ 

===You have trouble listening to sounds on your Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio.===

=== Replace Speakers on device===

Test audio by setting the alarm. If the alarm does not go off it may be a sign of faulty speakers. Also, test the speakers by turning on the radio. If there is no sound or it is distorted the Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio will need the speakers replaced.

Bad/No Connection to Radio ¶ 

===You are having trouble listening to the radio.===

===Replace antenna on device===

If you're having trouble using the radio on the Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio, one option is to repair the antenna by making sure there are no loose wires out and all the wires are connected. If there are any tears you may need to repair and cover it up with electrical tape. The second option is to replace the antenna completely.

Failure to Open the CD Lid ¶ 

===Your Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio lid will not open.===

===Disassemble and fix/replace broken parts===

If the lid to your Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio will not open, you will need to disassemble the lid from the device, make sure all the parts are working correctly, and replace any missing or broken parts.

Broken Buttons ¶ 

===The devices buttons are not functioning.===

===Replace Circuit Board===

If the Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio buttons do not work, you will need to replace the circuit board. Remove the five screws on the bottoms side of the device. Remove the speakers without disconnecting the wires. On the top half of the Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio take out the five screws. Disconnect the wiring harness from connection C203 and remove the circuit board. Replace with a new circuit board and follow the steps backwards to reassemble the alarm clock.

Note: Any damaged buttons should be changed at this time.

No Batteries ¶ 

===The backup power is not on.===

===Replace the batteries===

The batteries allow the Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio to keep time even while not plugged in. If your Memorex CD Alarm Clock Radio is not functioning when unplugged, look at the bottom side of the alarm clock and find the battery storage. Push the button down to be to open the compartment and remove the lid. Once open, replace the old batteries with new ones and put lid back on battery storage.


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