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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

When you pull down the trigger, the led light isn't automatically shining.

Make sure that your battery is properly connected, otherwise, your led light will not turn on. If your battery isn't connected, promptly connect it.

If your led isn't shining, try to charge the battery. If the led still isn't shining, the bulb is most likely dead.

When the trigger is pressed, the drill is not running

If your drill is unresponsive, your battery may be dead. Make sure to recharge your battery and reconnect it back to the drill to see if your drill will properly run.

If you cannot pull the trigger on your drill, the safety is most likely engaged. Press the button under the Makita logo to either side.

If you can press the trigger all the way down and the drill doesn't run, you may have a faulty trigger.

When the button is pressed, the drill isn't changing direction

If you alternate from the button being pressed all the way down on one side to the other side and the drill doesn't change directions, you may have a faulty forward/reverse button. When this occurs, it is common for the buttons' plastic to be cracked or chipped. This button may need to be replaced.

The Drill is Slowing Down

If your drill's speed is decreasing, your battery may be dying. Make sure to recharge your battery and reconnect it back to the drill to see if your drill's speed has increased back to normal.

Make sure that you have pressed the trigger switch down all the way. If you are not applying enough pressure, the drill wont run at full speed.

The drill is getting hot when you are using it

Let go of the trigger and stop using the drill until it cools down. Once the drill is cool, you can go back to drilling


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