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Magellan RoadMate 2120T-LM Troubleshooting

Released in 2011, GPS navigation device.

Device Will Not Power On ¶ 

Device does not show signs of powering on

Power adapter is non-responsive ¶ 

Check to make sure that the power adapter is properly connected to the USB port. If it is, then the power adapter is damaged. Replace the power adapter.

Battery does not hold charge ¶ 

If the device turns on when plugged in but does not hold a charge, then replace the battery.

Cannot connect power adapter to USB port ¶ 

If power adapter is confirmed to be in working order and the device still will not power on, then the USB port is broken. Consider replacing it.

Distorted Audio ¶ 

Audio coming out of device is hard to hear or distorted

Sound projected from Speakers is distorted ¶ 

If audio projected from device is distorted or fuzzy, then replace the speakers.

Touch-Screen Display is Non-Responsive ¶ 

The touch-screen does not immediately respond/does not respond at all when using it to navigate the operating system.

Residue on Screen ¶ 

Remove residue by applying eye glasses cleaner to screen and wipe with microfibre cloth.

Cracked or Damaged Screen ¶ 

If touch-screen is non responsive due to being mishandled or dropped then replace screen.

Device will not boot ¶ 

Device will not boot properly or upon booting and error message is displayed.

Persistent errors when booting device ¶ 

If there are persistent problems and error messages when attempting to boot the device then the motherboard is damaged. Consider replacing the motherboard.

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What happens when we format the device? I thought I’m factory resting? But now can’t boot on to the main page? What to do? Thanks

device model: magellan Roadmte 2120T-LM

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