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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Screen stays black, does not light up, does not respond to input or goes out intermittently

  • Make sure the power is on
  • Check the laptop is not in sleeping mode
    • If the laptop is in sleeping mode, press Fn key and hold it for 10 seconds
  • Press Fn and F7 keys simultaneously to ensure that the output is set to the internal display
    • Disconnect all external displays
  • Restart the system and verify it works on startup
    • Press F1 for BIOS setup utility
  • If there is still no video display, contact the Lenovo support center
  • Backlight connection may be broken if the screen lights does not stay on after the laptop is turned on
  • To test the backlight, tap the base of the screen on the backside of the laptop while it is on
  • If the screen flickers in response to the taps, the backlight connector is broken
  • To replace the backlight, follow this LCD replacement guide

Speakers have no output

  • Under volume settings, ensure that volume is greater than zero
  • If the mute key (located on upper left side of keyboard) is lit, deactivate it by pressing the key again
  • Enter device manager and navigate to "Audio input and output"
  • Select the designated speakers for your system
    • Are the drivers disabled? If so, enable them
    • Make any available updates to the driver

Displays black screen when opened, or refuses to open

  • Webcam incorrectly identified
    • If incorrectly identified, reinstall and update webcam driver
  • Webcam disabled
    • Enable the webcam in "Device Manager"
  • Perform power drain by following these steps:
    1. Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery
    2. Hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds
    3. Reconnect the adapter and power on the system
    4. Check to see that the webcam is functioning
  • If you have ruled out all software issues, follow this guide to replace your broken webcam

Laptop cannot access the internet or connect to wifi access points

  • Make sure the Wifi switch is set to ON (should see green tab)
  • Navigate to "Network & Internet Settings" to check that laptop is not set to airplane mode
  • Check the wireless driver in device manager
    • Is it disabled? If so, enable it
    • If the issue is not resolved, search for wireless software updates and install those applicable

Sticky, missing, or unresponsive keys

  • Remove and inspect mechanically stuck keys for damage or corrosion
    • Replace the damaged or corroded keys with this guide
  • Clean key contacts of dust and debris
  • Disconnect all external devices
  • Reset system BIOS to default settings
  • Press the power button for 10-15 seconds after removing the battery and connect only the AC Adapter to turn on the computer
  • If a particular key is being typed without being pressed, remove the individual and clean contact

The DVD Drive is jammed or not opening

  • If the current drive software is Drive Letter Access, it must be updated to the new Drag2Disc software
    • Go to and download the appropriate Drag2Disc software for your system (to see operating system, go to windows search bar and type “System” to view system information and windows version)


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