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Lenovo ThinkPad E540 Troubleshooting

This is a short guide to assist with replacement of damaged or defective components to the Lenovo ThinkPad E540.

Below are some of the common issues users face.

When unplugged, the laptop won't power on.

The computer works when plugged into an outlet, but shuts off when unplugged. This could be caused by a defective battery. Replacement is easy with this simple guide.

Screen is cracked or displaying incorrectly.

If the screen is damaged or failing to display properly, you need to replace the screen. This process could be found here.

Keyboard buttons have fallen out or are not working.

Whether individual keys are damaged or the keyboard fails to work, correcting this issue involves replacing the keyboard entirely. This process can be tricky, but this guide makes it easy.

When within range, the laptop will not connect to any WiFi hub.

Make sure the WiFi is set to on (try the "F8 key"). If this is not the issue, airplane mode could be active.

Airplane mode is a setting which cuts off all communication including WiFi connectivity, so by turning this off it will allow your computer to connect. If this is not the issue, proceed to faulty WiFi card below.

The WiFi card is responsible for sending and receiving WiFi signal. If you are having trouble connecting to any WiFi, this could be resolved by replacing the WiFi card. This guide can clarify the process.

Laptop becomes hot only after short use.

If your Lenovo is overheating, it could be due to a improper ventilation. This could be caused by a number of things. If the laptop is not set on an appropriate surface, the fan will be unable to pull air into the device to cool it fully. If the device is still overheating when placed on an appropriate surface, you may be experiencing a faulty or dusty fan. If you follow the steps to clean the fan, then proceed to replace it using the guide found here.

Programs are not running as fast as they should or used to be, so it could be either a faulty RAM or Hard Drive.

The Hard Drive is responsible for nearly all of the functions for your laptop. Replacing it will wipe all your current saved data and allow you to start with a clean slate. The guide to replace the Hard Drive can be found here.

The RAM is responsibly for temporarily holding all of your data. The guide to replace the RAM can be found here.


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