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Lenovo Tab 2 A8 Troubleshooting

The Lenovo Tab 2 A8 is an Android-based tablet released in April 2014.

When I press the power button the tablet does not respond.

If you have been using your tablet excessively over the last day or two it's possible the charge has been exhausted. Try plugging in your device into the charger for an hour or two and see if it makes a difference.

It's possible that after a certain degree of use your battery has degraded and needs to be switched out with a new one. Try switching the batteries and powering on the device. Don't forget to recycle!

Lenovo A8 Battery Replacement

The charger may be dirty or in need of replacement. Check to see if the charger port needs to be cleaned and plug it in. If it still does not hold a charge, then the charger may need to be replaced.

The sound is inaudible, too quiet, limited to one channel, or excessively noisy.

Check the volume settings of your device to see if they need to be adjusted.

Try your headphones on another device. If the headphones don't work then they'll need to be replaced.

Plug a pair of headphones that you know to be functional into the audio jack. If the sound problem persists then the issue is with the audio jack, which will need to be replaced.

If no sound is coming out of the speaker it could have a short or a wiring issue and need to be replaced.

Lenovo A8 Speaker Repacement

The camera is non-responsive or if it is the Image quality is visually poor.

Any smudge or spec of dirt or the camera's viewing lens will hinder the quality of your images. Furthermore, Lenovo applies a protective coating to the lenses for safe shipping, which blurs the screen. Wipe the lenses with a clean cloth and test the camera.

Take apart your device to view the wiring to the cameras. If they are not properly connected, then the data from the images isn't stored to your device. Reconnect them to resolve the issue.

After making sure everything is cleaned and hooked up properly and the camera still isn't working the problem is with the camera itself. It will have switch it out for a new one.

Lenovo A8 Front Camera Replacement

Lenovo A8 Replacing the Rear Camera Replacement

The device is on and appears to be working although the touchscreen is completely unresponsive.

Dirt can sometimes build up on the screen, transferred there by your fingers. This can sometimes interfere with the touch sensitivity. Try cleaning the screen and see if this alleviates the problem.

It could be that your tablet just needs a restart. Try turning the device off and leaving it off for a moment before restarting.

The Digitizer is what allows the touchscreen function to work. It is sandwiched between the outer glass and the LCD. If it has failed it will need to be replaced in order to return functionality. Removing the digitizer requires the outer glass be removed and is an extremely difficult process to execute if you choose to proceed.

The device is running but won't respond to commands and I can't restart it.

If the device is on and completely unresponsive it could mean there is a problem with the OS. If this is the case, try a Hard Reset to alleviate the problem.

Lenovo A8 Hard Reset

If the device continues to be unresponsive there may be more extensive issues with the motherboard. Try replacing it to restore functionality to your device.

Lenovo A8 Motherboard Replacement

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For me, both the digitizer and the LCD are broken. Can i replaced these with digitzer and LCD for model-F? My model is HV.

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