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Lenovo Ideapad Y580-2099 Troubleshooting

Slow boot ups, burning smell, or laptop won’t recognize flash drives or other plug-ins.

If your laptop has been dropped recently it is possible that the motherboard has been cracked. A replacement motherboard may be needed.

When the power button is pressed it lights up, but won’t power on. The motherboard may be faulty and need to be replaced.

The Screen on your laptop is no longer functioning properly.

Screen cracked in half, new screen needed. Buy a new screen with the same monitor type. Unscrew the laptop and replace the screen.

A new BIOS system update may be required. Try restarting your laptop and making sure you have a power source plugged in.

Battery is not in top condition as it came originally.

When plugging in the wall charger to the laptop the battery will not save energy at all. Your charger may be faulty. A new charger may be required. Make sure it's not the battery bot clearing its ports of dust and debri. If the battery still won’t charge then a replacement battery is needed.

Battery isn't upholding the life that it said it would. Make sure you are charging the laptop the appropriate amount of time it requires to reach 100%. Close any extra windows/ programs when not using and fully shut down laptop when finished to reserve battery.

''Speakers are not crisp and clear/ displaying sound efficiently.


When attempting to play sound from the laptop, no sound comes out of the speakers. Make sure the volume is all the way up and the mute button is unclicked. Check to see if there are any plugins into the laptop like a USB port or headphones, if so unplug and retry. Restarting and updating the laptop can also fix this issue.

The sound coming from the speakers are distorted, cracking, or unclear. Check the sound on multiple sources like playing music or watching videos, make sure to listen to them on different sites to insure the distorted sound is not a program issue. If the sound is still distorted plug in headphones or separate monitors and check if the sound coming from the external source is distorted, if not speaker replacement is necessary.

The sound coming from the laptop is lower from one of the speakers and unbalanced. Check the sound source and others to make sure it isn't coming from a specific source. Check your sound setting and make sure the sound is equalized so equal amounts of sound comes from each speakers ( Left and Right). If the sound is still unbalanced go forward with replacing the speakers.



Mark Liu - Reply


Mark Liu -

My lenovo ideapad-100 has a problem. The speaker does not work, no sound comes out.  I tried theabove solutions but it does not help.

Arina - Reply

My lenovo ideapad-100 speaker does not work, no sound comes out and i have tried the above mentioned solutions several times.

Arina - Reply

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