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Lenovo IdeaPad U450 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Lenovo Ideapad U450

The laptop will not respond or show signs that it is powering on.

Make sure the battery is charged. Plug it into a power source.

Check the registry where files are moved, accessed, or deleted. Use the registry cleaner to remove any errors.

Scan the computer for viruses that could be corrupting the system files and driver files. This can be done with an updated antivirus tool. If any viruses are found, delete them.

Use the "check disc" tool on the computer to assess whether it’s sectors are damaged. This would cause them to not read or write data onto the discs and would prevent the computer from starting up. In the case of this occurring the only solution would be to replace the hard drive.

The images on the display are warped or unclear.

Check whether the backlight is switched on. Then raise the brightness until there is improvement. If this doesn’t help, try restarting the computer.

Connect the laptop to an external monitor. If the image appears normal, the issue is with the video card and replacing it should fix the computer.

No images are appearing on the screen's display and it is completely blank.

If the wires that connect the screen to the motherboard are damaged, it can stop displaying images. Depending on the severity of the damage, this may require a bit of rewiring or, if severe enough, a screen replacement. When replacing wiring, make sure to keep coloring of wires consistent.

Unusual glowy smudges or black pixelated spots are visible on the otherwise-normal screen.

If the screen has been physically damaged, the impact could result in cracks and dead or damaged pixels. These cannot be restored and a complete screen replacement is necessary. So replace the screen making sure that the new purchased screen is of the same model number.

When the keys are pressed, the computer responds abnormally or not at all.

Check that the keyboard’s USB cable is plugged in. Remove it from its port and try to plug it in again. If that does not fix your solution purchase a new one and plug that USB cable into the port. If the issue does not subside, it is likely it is the port rather than the cable and this will require replacement of the port.

Keyboard keys falling off easily and getting stuck when pressed can affect how well a computer responds.Letters or symbols may be getting transmitted to the CPU without contact, or may not be getting transmitted with contact. Check for debris under keys and use air canisters to clear debris as best as possible

The computer is slow to respond to demands or doesn't respond at all.

Listen to hear if the fan is rotating or not and judge if it is too fast or making to much noise. If unsure, place your hand over the vent to feel if there is wind.

In the case of fan malfunction, a simple replacement of the fan will likely fix the problem. If not, then it is a wiring/hardware issue and will require further diagnostics

Feel your computer if it is getting too hot or if the laptop is randomly shutting down. If the computer is overheating, there is a high chance of a fan issue. After a shut-down, turn the computer back on, enter the BIOS, and check the interior temperature (The maximum temperature for CPUs is 80 degrees celsius).

To prevent fan damage, use air canisters to blow away anything that can fall through the keys or through the fan vents. You can gain access to the fan through the vents on the side. If there still appears to be debris in it after trying this, remove the keyboard to expose the entire fan. Then use the air canister again.


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