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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

"I can't open my DVD Drive"

Check for power by hitting the eject button. If there is a green light on the drive but it does not eject then there is something blocking it. Replace the DVD Drive.

If the green light on the DVD drive does not light up then it is not receiving power. Remove the DVD drive, clean any connections and reinstall the DVD Drive. If there is still no power then the power cable maybe be broken. Replace the DVD drive.

"A key or keys are broken or not working properly"

If your keyboard is not lighting up, restart your laptop and see if it start lighting up. If it still doesn't light up after restarting your laptop, your black lights may have failed and be out. If that’s the case you need replace the black light.

If your keyboard is not responding, try restarting your laptop and see if it responds after. If it still doesn’t work check to make sure no key lock button is lit up, it may stop some keys from working when typing. If it still isn't working, something may have come loose making it so your keyboard won’t respond, if this is the case, it’s time to replace your keyboard.

"the screen is cracked" "I can't see anything when my device is on"

If your screen isn't lighting up, make sure that your brightness is on and that your laptops black light is on. If it is but still isn’t lighting up, restart your laptop. If after restarting it still will not light up, the black light in the laptop is most likely dead, and it’s time to replace the black light.

“My battery is dying quickly.” “My battery won’t charge.”

If you think your battery is dying to fast make sure it takes less than 4 hours to die. If it takes less than 4 hours then your battery may be frying. Make sure your computer does not overheat often, it will fry the battery. If overheating have it checked for issues with internal fan and do not use until then. If it is not over heating check the date of the device, the typical device will last at least 2 years before seeing any decline in performance. If it has passed the 2 year mark either upgrade or replace the battery.

If your battery does not charge, remove the battery and reattach it then try again. If that did not work make sure the charger isn't broken and is properly connected. If the charger is not flawed then the battery is most likely damaged and in need of a replacement. Make sure to buy the correct battery for the specific type of Laptop.

"I hear a weird sound" "My device is overheating."

If you are hearing strange sounds from your device it may be your fan. Remove the fan from your laptop and check to see if there is any dust or foreign objects interrupting the fan. If no attach the fan and try to run it again. If it does not work you may need a new fan or the fan is not the source of the sound.

If your device is overheating frequently then your fan may be the cause. Remove the fan from the device and check for dust and foreign objects that may be over working the fan and remove any found. If none are found then reattach the fan and try to run the computer again. If this does not fix the problem then the fan is most likely broken and in need of replacement.

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i Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3173427) in my G50-45 laptop and everything keeps stucking and programs run slowly

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