LG Leon LTE Troubleshooting

LG Leon LTE smartphone was launched in March 2015.

Unable to use touch screen ¶ 

Touch screen is not responding.

Screen lock is turned on ¶ 

Try to restart phone to refresh phone from lagging.

Device responding slowly ¶ 

Device is running slowly or applications aren't responding.

Too many applications are open ¶ 

Close applications to enhance response speed. Delete a few applications to create more storage space for a faster working phone.

Your mobile phone is overloaded for unknown reasons ¶ 

Mobile phone not react due to overload or errors in the operating system. Restart mobile phone.

Unable to take pictures using the Camera ¶ 

Can not take pictures with the camera.

The phone memory or memory card is full ¶ 

To create more space change where the pictures are being stored, the use of a memory card could be an option.

The phone memory is full and your mobile phone is set to save pictures in this memory ¶ 

Also save pictures to a trusted external source for safe keeping, then delete pictures from phone which will also create more memory space.

Unable to receive any calls ¶ 

Can not receive any call or make a voice call

Missed calls are diverted too fast. ¶ 

You can divert your incoming calls to your voicemail. You can choose which type of calls you can divert, such as calls or missed calls or when your mobile phone is busy.

Your mobile phone isn't responding. ¶ 

The phone may not react to overload or errors in the operating system. If this happens, it might be better to restart your device.

Call diverts is turned on. ¶ 

Your call diverts on your mobile phone needs to be turned off at all times.

Unable to send or receive SMS

There’s an error at the receiving end ¶ 

"If you're having problems calling a specific number, the error might be at the receiving end. Also try calling another number, if you can call another number there might be an error at the receiving end."

The message centre number is incorrect ¶ 

If you get an incorrect message centre number, always ask for a new one from your tech support. This will keep your SMS from getting lost.

The SMS is written incorrectly ¶ 

Before you can use this function on your mobile device, you need to set up your smartphone for SMS in order for the consumer to write and send an SMS.


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