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Kodak EasyShare V1003

Failure to Close Lens ¶ 

You have trouble retracting the lens back into the camera.

Battery May Not Be Charged ¶ 

Confirm that your current battery is charged, try replacing the current battery with a new or charged battery.

Debris Might Be Stuck in Lens ¶ 

Make sure there are no foreign particles or sticky substances on the lens housing. Turn your camera off, then on again.

Grainy or Blurry Photos ¶ 

Photos are coming grainy, with lack of color and vibrancy.

Photos May Not Be Focused ¶ 

Try pre-focusing by holding the shutter button down halfway to ensure a sharp focus.

Inconsistent Lighting ¶ 

Pictures tend to be blurry when the available light is from a tungsten (incandescent, standard light bulb). To correct that, try finding natural source of lighting when taking the pictures.

Lack of Lighting in Scene ¶ 

If lighting is scarce, the camera tries to adapt by being more sensitive. As a result, pictures may tend to be grainy. To avoid this, add more light to the scene.

Flash Does Not Work ¶ 

When taking photos, a light does not emit from the camera lens. Photos may appear dark or blurry as a result.

Camera Mode ¶ 

Please note: Flash does not fire in all camera modes. If problem persists see Using the flash.

Flash Setting ¶ 

Check the flash setting and change it if needed.

Unable to Take Photo ¶ 

When attempting to take a photo, it may not save to your memory card and will not appear in your photo history. Also, the lens may not extend from the camera and the flash will not fire. It will appear as if you are pressing a button but the camera is not doing anything as a result.

Favorites Mode ¶ 

Make sure your camera is not in Favorites mode.

Shutter Button May Be Stuck ¶ 

Press the Shutter button in all the way.

Battery is Faulty ¶ 

Try replacing your current battery with a new or charged battery.

Memory is Full ¶ 

Transfer pictures from your camera to your computer and delete the current pictures off of your camera’s memory card. If you do not want to store your photos on your computer, then replace your memory card (SD/MMC memory cards up to 1GB is supported).

Computer/Connectivity Problems ¶ 

Unable to access photos after connecting to your computer via USB. Camera storage may not appear in your File Explorer.

Picture Cannot Transfer ¶ 

Picture is not transferring to the computer: see Help in the EasyShare software.

Slideshow ¶ 

Slideshow does not run on an external device. Adjust the camera Video Out setting to NTSC or PAL. Make sure the external device settings are correct. Check the device’s user’s guide for more details.

Computer Cannot Communicate with Camera ¶ 

Make sure your battery is fully charged and installed properly. Turn on your camera. Make sure the USB cable model U-8 is connected to the camera and to the computer. Make sure you have your camera’s EasyShare software installed on your computer.


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