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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Keurig Will Not Power On ¶ 

Keurig will not turn on for whatever reason.

Not Plugged in Properly ¶ 

Check cable to make sure it is properly plugged into an outlet. Switch outlet and check circuit breaker if the problem still continues.

Internal Problems ¶ 

If there is an internal problem with the brewer, turn it off and unplug it. After a couple minutes, plug the machine back in and see if it works now.

Error Message On Screen ¶ 

An error message will appear on the screen stating a what is causing the issue.

Water Replacement Message ¶ 

If this error message comes up, simply detach the water filter on the side of the brewer and fill it up with clean water. Replace the filter afterwards.

Water Under Pressure Message ¶ 

When this message pops up, the Keurig will need to be taken apart. Unplug the machine first. The exit needle will need to be checked to make sure there is nothing blocking the path such as coffee bean grounds. If there the path is blocked, The exit needle can be cleaned by inserting a needle and using it to clear the path.

Partially Filled Cups ¶ 

Partially filled cups will be produced whenever brewing coffee.

Air Bubbles Along the Fill Line ¶ 

Keurig will need to be descaled to clear the fill line. Run water through the brewer to flush the air bubbles out. This is a good start for when any type of debris is also blocking the path.

Insufficient Water in Reservoir ¶ 

Turn off the brewer first and disconnect the water reservoir. rinse it out and fill it with clean water. Place the water reservoir back in and turn the brewer back on.

Coffee Ground Deposits in Cup ¶ 

When brewing coffee, deposits from the coffee grounds will spill into the cup.

Ground Build Up in Exit Needle ¶ 

First turn off Keurig. The machine will need to be taken apart and the exit needle needs to be located. Use a needle to clear the path. Keep inserting the needle through the exit hole to clear the path. Turn the brewer back on and run water through it to flush out any excess debris.

Need to Descale ¶ 

Remove the water tank from the side of the Keurig and fill it with half white vinegar and half water. Place the filter back into the brewer and brew hot water. The water and vinegar mix will dissolve any build up inside the machine. Keep brewing until the water and vinegar solution is used up.

Metallic Tasting Coffee ¶ 

Coffee will consistently have a metallic taste in it.

Filter Needs to be Replaced ¶ 

Turn off the Keurig. Once you unplug it, remove the reservoir from the brewer and clean it. Rinse and fill the reservoir with clean water and reattach to the Keurig.

Replace Water Source ¶ 

Detach and clean the water source in case any unwanted materials have built up in it. After it is clean, fill the reservoir with clean water and place it back onto the keurig.

Stuck On Preheating ¶ 

When brewing a cup of coffee, The machine will freeze and will stay on the preheating phase.

Electrical Problems ¶ 

Try unplugging the Keurig and waiting a couple minutes before plugging it back in. The brewer may just need a quick restart.

Replace Water Tank ¶ 

Make sure the water tank is attached properly to the brewer. Also make sure that the reservoir is filled to the fill line.

Water Inlet Nozzle is Jammed ¶ 

Use a needle to clear the path in case anything is built up in the inlet nozzle. If this does not fix the problem, the brewer will need to be descaled. This can be fixed by running either a water and white vinegar mix or hot water through the machine.


Unit "powers on" but will not heat. Control panel lights up & operates... except will not heat and cannot get a "ready to brew" light???

Bud Byrne - Reply

Keurig will not turn even when plugged in. Help!!

Tracey - Reply

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