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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Speakers Are Not Providing Sound

The speakers won't play sound.

Device is off

Make sure the device is actually turned on. If it is off, then it cannot establish a connection with a device.

No battery life left

Sometimes, no battery can be mistaken for audio problems. If the batteries are drained, then the device wouldn't work. Remove the drained batteries and try new ones.

Volume is turned off on speaker or device

Make sure that the volume on the speakers is turned up sufficiently enough by adjusting the volume wheel on the speaker. Then make sure that the device connected to the speaker has its volume setting at an adequate level.

Bluetooth connection is not established

Make sure that Bluetooth on the speaker is on. This is the button close to the power button. There should be a light to indicate it is working.


If the speaker is within close proximity to devices that are known to cause interference, (radios, microwaves, phones), then the speaker can give out feed back. Make sure it is a good distance away from devices that are known to cause interference.

Bluetooth Is Not Working

Cannot establish a connection between the speaker and your other devices.

Bluetooth is off

If the light on the Bluetooth button is off, press the button to turn on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth button is right beside the power button. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth on the connecting devices as well.

Devices are too far from each other

Place the speaker and the connecting device closer to each other. Bluetooth connection range can vary between different devices.

Low battery level

Make sure to charge both the speaker and the connecting device. Some of the devices may automatically turn off Bluetooth if the battery level is too low.

Unstable connection

Restart the Bluetooth on the speaker and the connecting device by turning Bluetooth off and on again. Sometime the Bluetooth connection can be very unstable for many reasons. The quickest way to solve this kind of problem is to restart Bluetooth and reestablish connections.


Move the speaker and the connecting devices away from Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi signal can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth.

Speaker Won’t Turn On

The device won't turn on.

Battery is dead

If the speaker doesn’t have power, it will not turn on. Try plugging the device into a charger. See our Battery Replacement Guide

Power button will not turn on the device

The button itself has broke and will not make the connection to power on the device. Follow one of the button replacement guide.

Buttons Don’t Respond

The device is not responding to your input.

The battery could be dead

The battery could be low and that is why it will not turn on. Try plugging the device into a charger and charge it.See ourBattery Replacement Guide on how to replace the battery.

The button module could be broken

The button module could be broken. To remedy this try replacing the button module. Look at the repair guides for more information on replacing parts. See our on replacement guide how to replace the buttons

Device Unexpectedly Turns Off

The device will turn off without pressing the power button.

The battery could be low on battery

The battery could be low or be dead. Plugging it into the the charger will charge the battery.

The battery could be defective

The battery could be defective and no longer wants to hold a charge. Replacing the battery will fix the defective battery. Simple remove the battery panel, take out the old batteries, and put in fresh ones. See our Battery Replacement Guide


All Buttons Are Turn On But TheY Are Not Responding....Device Switch Off Bhi Nahi Ho Raha

Bhavesh Tagad - Reply

same is here......plz help

Pravakar kafle -

Same problem! What to do... Bruh.

Jaygawande -

all lights are on

but not working and not turning off

nikeshshah43 -

Same here please help

dinithoshan -

Same problem here yaar! This is getting frustrating now I seriously need help! Please help me

Vishal -

Same problem with me.. all lights on.. and device not getting off or getting connecting to phone

Amit Padekar -

All Buttons Are Turn On But TheY Are Not Responding....Device Switch Off Bhi Nahi Ho Raha

shireeshchoudhari -

Same problem with mi

ashokshinde48594 -

Where can I get a battery from for jbl charge 2 plus?

khiaterrell - Reply

My Charge 2+ is brand new, everything is working, but it doesn't charge my phone or any other, like there's no any electricity received, I tried both the Jbl USB wire and my phone charging wire and nothing happens at all, anyone know why or what to do?!

Amr Shalaby - Reply

My charge 2+ Is brand new and it doesn't turn on and it's plugged in and no lights turn on. Why won't it work?

Brianna - Reply

Same with me :')

marsel_sss -

How do I turn the Blue tooth off so the speaker works through Google ChromeCast

tempesthindman - Reply

When I play music over aux, the speakers randomly make a sound, turn off and back on again. These little restarts are very frequent and very annoying! What could it be?

Rosanna Schifferer - Reply

hey, I'm having the same problem. Were you able to find out where it comes from and how to stop it?

raphmeister -

Me pauses and then it plays again.i havent heard a song straight through. Can some one help.i have the red jbl charge 2 +

Texwatty -

I say we all make jbl videos and show the world what kind of products jbl is selling.that should get some results.

Texwatty -

my jbl extreme was dead then it started blinking all 5 leds and the power button dont get any sound not even after full charge

madsco27 - Reply

the battery was low then i kept turning it on so the battery drained now the 5 battery lights just blink on and off

madsco27 - Reply

Power light is on and won't turn off. No other buttons respond either. Device is a year old and has worked perfectly until now.

Jack Wilde - Reply

Hello, where you able to resolve this issue? I'm having the exact same problem and mine is less than 8 months old

snoopizdaboss -

same problem and mine is not even one month old

malvikarautela02 -

Try to get the battery empty by loading some device over the box. Worked for me.

Raphael -

I am having this problem too, any solutions? I tried charging another device, but it won't work. Still waiting for the JBL Charge 2 Plus to run out of battery.

patatasmonster -

If you put linked the box with bluetooth to my phone it makes a hard annoying beep (and a lady that says something like 'bluetooth connected' . Can I turn it off or reduce the louddyness?

John - Reply

Got the same problem. All System Sounds seems to bee very loud. When adjusting the volume and the limit is reached, no matter if it is the + or - limit, the Charge makes a very loud "beep". I would like to reduce the system sound.

How can this be done?

ronald -

Power light is on and won't turn off. No other buttons respond either. Less than 6 months old. Was working perfectly fine and use every day and now unable to get power button to turn on or off.

Hollyanne 418 - Reply

Hey did you get any response anywhere? I have the same issue! Thanks

Ioannis Karoumpas -

Hi there, my Charge 2+ does not charging. the lights on top are blinking, but the battery remains empty. Any suggestions like ( replace battery or......)

valentinenev - Reply

I'm having this problem too. The light flashes as if it is charging but when unplugged it flashes red. Have you found a solution to this yet?

Adam -

my jbl charge 2 plus wireless speaker is not power off.......anybody has solution please ???

Pravakar kafle - Reply

did u got the replay or the problem had resolved please tell me. i to had the same problem

kanthi313 -

My JBL charge 2+ speaker has a distorted bass on the side, it fell maybe a couple of times

Jubill Trance - Reply

My JBL charge 2+ speakers only play from one side. Is that normal?

Margarida Yothasse Machava - Reply

Even I am having the same problem. is it supposed to be like that or is there a fault with the speaker.

Atif -

Same for me.. Would be great to have someone respond if the speaker sounds from two sides for them..

bentdre -

Something weird happened today to my personal Charge 2+, this morning, I used it to listen to music and everything was fine. However, this afternoon, when I wanted I turned it on to play some music, it didn't make a sound when I turned it on, it also didn't make any sound when a bluetooth connection was established, when playing music or when turning it off. Nothing happened to it between this morning and this afternoon. What could be the cause?

vedranmarinovic1 - Reply

Btw I have owned it for over a year by now if that matters

vedranmarinovic1 -

You found any solution yet? Strugling with the same problem here..

Ran Hendrickx -

I was playing songs on my jbl charge 2+

Suddenly it stopped. The lights are on but buttons are not responding. & so it is still on from last 7 hours..!

Jaygawande - Reply

same problem i have with my charge 2 speaker. Its all on..i try to turn it off but not responding. even connecting to other device..but not functionally good..this speaker is working good before..its only one month old..i love the speaker but desperately I'm all to work it again but until now, no success..can any one please reply and help me..

Froilan Enoval -

Help, son was trying to do update on his JBL purse but failed and now speaker constantly flashing on and off his n white and won't switch off?? Any ideas what to do?

Michelle Lindsay - Reply

My JBL CHARGE 2+ switches on normally and even connects to bluetooth. The issue is that it is stuck on a low volume and even after pressing the volume + button it doesnt go up. I can slow down the music till its completely low, and when i max it back up the volume increases but only to a very low volume. i Reset the speaker too, but its not working.

tahahaji52 - Reply

even i am facing same problem

swamy -

My Jbl Charge is my one thing I love but lately it seems to give out poor sound quality, it seems to be a fuzzy noise that only can be heard at certain Herts but it's only on the left side

Trying to work out if I need a new speaker or woofer in it

Any help?

Jake Marshall - Reply

My JBL Pulse 2 is brand new, I charged it fully and it was working fine until it first ran out of battery. When i charge it, it flashes one blue light indicating that it is charging, however hours later it is still flashing the same one blue light and when i go to play a song, it works for about 2 minutes until it turns off and is out of battery again.

kate pace - Reply

My buttons don't work and it doesn't turn off.

Jaydon Long - Reply

My charge 2+ got brick, anyone have a copy of fresh 1.4.8 firmware? kindly share please... here's my emailadd

Azid Djalali - Reply

Mine works fine when it's plugged in, but when it's unplugged it turns off, any ideas

l2ob122 -

Is it normal that the sound is coming out only from one side?

Kadri K - Reply

Mine shuts off every half hour, and the sound quality has deteriorated a lot since I bought it less than 3 months ago. I want to throw it in the garbage.

Tracy Reid - Reply

All the lights are on buttons are not working it couldn't turn off..Can you please help to fix it

Shah Hussain - Reply

I have the same problem...what can we do

Dean Gouws -

I've tried everything I can but the social mode function on the JBL Charge2+ isn't working. All the other buttons are fine, but the lights are constantly on. Anyone experiencing the same problem? I have 2 speakers, and it doesn't work on both so I'm pretty sure that it's not a one-off problem. Thanks in advance.

Jan Golos - Reply

Same here, my power button has been on for about a week and it wont respond to anything. Unfortunately I had fully charged the speaker the night before and only used it for a couple of minutes before it became unresponsive. I have yet to find a fix and i'm just waiting for it to die to see if it becomes responsive again.

Abiel C. - Reply

Same here, now what should I do ??

Raghu -

I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. I SEARCHED IN GOOGLE AND PEOPLE SAY REPLACING IS THE ONLY WAY. ONLY POWER BUTTON STAYS ON AND NO RESPONSE. its because you used your speaker until the very end battery. so it drained all the energy left in speaker. try charging your phone through usb cable if its a jbl charge. mine was charge 2 plus. then it will automatically turn off. be patient and wait for one hour or half until the battery drains out. after that just turn on and it will work as normal. charge it and use. hope this will help for everyone. cuz i saw many having the same problem. have a great day for all these music lovers.

Sravan CV -

My fhone button its blinking the whole time and i cant connect my fhone with Bluetooth i dont now what to do... Dos anyone now what to do???

Patrick Bos - Reply

mines wasn't charging and for some reason one of the battery light was on, I went ahead and removed the back part and the side of the speaker where the power button is to remove the battery, after removing it I plug the device to the power and did a master reset , by pressing the volume up and phone button, after 5 seconds the lights when off and on , put the battery back in and it started working like day one. good luck

oscar_e_gomez - Reply

When i putt my jbl carge 2 plus off .the buttons stay on and affter 30 seconds the speaker turns it self on ....please help me ...i only got it 2 days ago

Dean Gouws - Reply

My JBL doesn't working,I've tried to charge it,but nothing change,no light turn on,anyone have solution ?

marsel_sss - Reply

how come none of these questions seem to be answered?

Gayatri Rajan - Reply

My charge 2 plus light doesn't show my battery life only one light is to be seen

Muhammad Younus - Reply

Same here, any fix yet?

Simon Murray -

Auxiliary works fine, however no music on Bluetooth connection. I've tried a reset, power drain and charge, it gets successfully paired, and I can make calls also, it's just the music that doesn't play on the speakers. Can you please help?

Talha Tahir - Reply

Okay so I turned my speaker I heard the regular static noise an then I saw the red low battery indication an it sounded like it shorted an it turned itself off. I went plugged an plugged the charger into the speaker the power button illuminated but not the lights to indicate it was charging. I let it sit a while longer, came back took it off the charger an the device is completely unresponsive sitting with the power light on. What could have happened? I had just used the buttons to turn on the device an I heard sound, it was charging just not indicating it was charging but now now completely unresponsive.

Xangelo - Reply

Power Button on but no responce. It is not turning off

Ravi Kishore - Reply

i’ve tried every thing to make my speaker work but it didn’t help.

Rick Nagelhout - Reply

The volume is all the way up on the jbl and on my phone too but still isn't loud ? Anyone come across this issue

dustink81 - Reply

Had trouble with both interference when connected with an audio cable to a MacBook, and also failure to maintain a bluetooth connection to the MacBook. Both problems fixed with a factory reset: with speaker powered on, hold volume “+” button and “phone” button simultaneously for about 5 seconds.

chamill - Reply

My jbl pulse 2 disconnect the sound every now and then, even on bluetooth aswel as Av cable. Then I have to turn off and on again to reconnect the speaker. Is anyone please have a solution .


Luciano Fernandes - Reply

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