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Insignia Flex 10.1 NS-P16AT10 Troubleshooting

White and silver Android tablet identified by the model number NS-P16AT10.

Tablet Will Not Charge ¶ 

The tablet does not charge when connected to a micro-USB charger.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Try using a different micro-USB charging cable. The cable may be faulty. If the charging cable is not the problem, then the tablet may have a faulty battery.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the charger is not the cause of the problem and your tablet will not charge, look into replacing the battery. The tablet will not be able to charge if the battery is damaged. To change the battery, use this guide.

No Sound from External Speaker ¶ 

There is no sound being produced from the external speaker.

Tablet on Mute ¶ 

First, check to make sure your tablet is not on mute. Increase the volume by pressing the increase volume button on the side of the tablet. Also, check the default volume levels under settings. The default volume may have been changed to mute.

Software Glitch ¶ 

If your tablet is not on mute and still not playing sound, consider backing up your device and performing a factory reset. A software glitch may be the cause of your problem, and a factory reset will reset all of the settings back to the default settings.

Damaged Speaker ¶ 

If the speaker continues to not produce sound after checking the settings, the speaker may be damaged. You should replace the speaker on your device if this is the case.

Screen Will Not Respond ¶ 

The tablet screen does not respond properly to touch.

Software Glitch ¶ 

Your screen may not be responding properly due to a software glitch. First, try a hardware reset. Press down the power button until the tablet powers off. Turn the tablet back on and see if the problem has been solved. If the problem persists, backup the tablet and perform a factory data reset.

Full Storage ¶ 

If the tablet screen still does not respond after resetting the device, the tablet may have reached full internal storage. Consider purchasing a microSD card and inserting the card into the microSD card slot. A microSD card will provide more storage for the tablet.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

The screen of your tablet may be damaged if the above methods do not restore the screen's function. Follow this guide on how to replace the screen of your tablet.

Rear Camera Distorts Photos ¶ 

The camera takes pictures, but the photos come out distorted.

Rear Camera Screen Dirty ¶ 

Take a microfiber towel, and get it slightly damp. Begin to scrub away the grime on the camera lens until it is clear again.

Rear Camera Lens Cracked ¶ 

If the problem still prevails after thoroughly cleaning the camera lens, check the lens for small cracks that may be distorting the photo. Consider replacing the camera lens if the lens is cracked.

Faulty Rear Camera ¶ 

If the lens is properly cleaned and does not appear to be cracked, then the camera may be faulty and will need to be replaced. Follow this guide on how to replace the camera.

Tablet Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Tablet will not power on when the power button is pressed.

Drained Battery ¶ 

The battery may be drained if the tablet will not turn on. Plug the original Insignia 10.1 charger into the tablet and allow time for the battery to recharge. Try plugging the tablet into the original Insignia 10.1 charger and pressing the reset button. If nothing happens, leave it on the charger for two hours before hitting the reset button again.

Damaged Battery ¶ 

If the tablet does not reset after being on the charger for two hours, plug the Insignia 10.1 charger into a different outlet and try again. If not successful, you may have a faulty battery. Follow our guide on how to replace the battery of your device.


Where is the reset button on a insignia 10.1 tablet

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I need this answer also? where is the reset button?

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Where is reset button on insignia 7inch tablet???

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