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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet UH70102 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet UH70102 vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum turns on but does not have any suction, or a weak suction.

When looking down from above the vacuum you will see a one inch square on the left-hand side that is the performance indicator. It can be green, red, or a combination of both depending on the issue.

Partially Red Performance Indicator

If the indicator is turning red partially or slowly then you may need to clean any of the three filters this vacuum has, as they are causing a decrease in suction. The first of the two main filters, the dust filter, should be cleaned every 2 months. To follow a guide of how to clean it, click here. The second is a HEPA filter which should be cleaned every 6 months. To see how to clean or change that, click here. Lastly, there is a cyclonic filter which should be cleaned when it is visibly dirty. It is located inside the dirt cup so it is easy to clean if there are any blockages in it.

Fully Red Performance Indicator

There may be a blockage in the piping which is causing the vacuum to lose suction. To check for a blockage in any of the piping, click here.

Green Performance Indicator

If the performance indicator still shows fully green, then check if the brush is still rotating on the bottom when the vacuum is in use. If this is not the case then you will need to replace the belt that runs from the motor to the brush. For help replacing the belt view the instructional guide here.

The vacuum turns off unexpected during use and won’t turn back on for a while.

There may be a blockage in the piping which is causing the vacuum motor overheat when it is turned on. To check for a blockage in any of the piping,click here. Once the vacuum overheats, it will likely take about a half an hour before it resets itself, and you can begin using it again. If it still overheats, check the filters using the guide for how to clean the dust filter and the HEPA filter.

If there is no blockage in the piping, the vacuum filters may be dirty and need to be cleaned. Your vacuum has two main filters, a dust filter which should be cleaned every 2 months of regular use, and a HEPA filter which should be cleaned every 6 months for optimal performance. It also has an additional cyclonic filter, visible from outside the clear plastic dirt cup, which should be cleaned if it appears clogged. To follow of a guide of how to clean the dust filter, click here. To see how to clean or change the HEPA filter, click here.

The vacuum emits smoke or a burning scent when running.

An electric motor which is overheating may be the cause of the issue. If the plastic casing at the base of the vacuum where the motor is housed is indeed hot to the touch, check the filters and dirt cup. First, make sure to always empty the dirt cup if it is full. Once empty, to properly remove the filters for cleaning, follow the instructions here and here. Allow the vacuum to cool down for about a half hour before starting again.

If the motor is checked and the cause is not found there, it is time to proceed with the belt. The belt causes the agitator brush roll to rotate and can cause smoke or burning if damaged. To inspect the belt and if necessary replace it, follow the guide here. If the belt is damaged or stretched then it is time to replace it.

The vacuum is difficult to push or pull along while vacuuming.

If the vacuum is set to the wrong suction setting, it may not move properly. The dial located at the front base of the vacuum is the adjustment for different flooring the smallest dot stands for flat surfaces (such as hardwood floors) and the largest dot, for tall and thick flooring (such as a fluffy rug). Adjust the dial to the proper setting for your flooring and try again.

There may be a blockage in the agitator brush roller located at the front of the bottom of the vacuum causing difficulty when pushing the vacuum. To check if the roller is stuck, follow this guide here.

If neither of these two issues are the case, there may be something wrapped around the axle between the wheels or jammed between a wheel and the vacuum. Lay the vacuum down and check the bottom around the wheels to see if this is the case. If so, carefully remove any obstructions and then try pushing it around again.

The Vacuum does not turn on when the power switch is on; it is likely not receiving power.

If the cord may not be plugged in, so be sure to confirm that it is plugged into an outlet properly, pushed all the way into the socket not falling part-way out.

If the vacuum does not turn on after confirming it is properly plugged in, the outlet it is plugged into may be bad. Plug the vacuum into a different socket, optimally in another room of the house, and try again. Or plug a lamp, that you know works, into the outlet and try turning it on. If it doesn’t turn on, the outlet may be bad.

If the first two options have been checked and confirmed not to be the problem, the power cord may be broken. Unplug the vacuum and check for any exposed wiring showing through the rubber coating. If there is any, do not attempt to use the vacuum, the cord will need to be replaced. If the vacuum turns on only at a particular orientation of the power cord even though no wiring is showing through, replacing the power cord will fix this. Contact the manufacturer or take it to a trusted vacuum repair place if your vacuum cord needs to be repaired.

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I purchased this vacuum online in October 2018.. The roller brush works when you turn it on, but as soon as you release the handle to start to vacuuming the roller stops. How do I correct this issue?

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