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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Fan is Not Turning On

My Honeywell HY-204 will not turn on.

Not Plugged In

The power plug may not be fully connected to the wall socket. Check the plug to make sure it’s pushed into the wall socket properly. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then the outlet may be faulty, so try plugging the fan into another outlet.

Plug Is Broken

The plug may have blown a fuse. A fuse is designed to break when too much electric current tries to flow into the fan to prevent damage to the fan. To replace the fuse, use the manufacturers guide. If the problem is still not solved, the power cord itself may be broken or have internally disconnected wires.

Bad Wire Connections

There may be disconnected wires inside the fan. Disassemble the fan using this guide and check for any loose or disconnected wiring. Reconnect any disconnected wires found by first removing the crimped wire connector, reconnecting the disconnected wires, and replacing the wire connector. This guide may also be helpful.

No Scent Is Coming From The Fan

There is no Febreze smell, it just smells like air.

Scent Setting Turned Off

Check to make sure that the scent knob is not turned to the left. If it is, turn the knob all the way to the right, turn the fan on, and check if Febreze scent comes from the fan. Use this video or guide to help.

Scent Cartridge Needs To Be Replaced

The scent cartridge may be fully used and need replacing. To replace the scent cartridge, open the compartment on the top of the fan and remove the cartridge from the compartment. Then place a new cartridge into the compartment and close the lid. Use this video or guide to help.

Scent Cartridge Not Febreze Certified

Verify that the scent cartridge being used in the fan is compatible with the HY-204 and Febreze approved. If it is not, replace the scent cartridge with one that is compatible and Febreze approved. To replace the scent cartridge, open the compartment on the top of the fan and remove the cartridge from the compartment. Then place a new cartridge into the compartment and close the lid.

Fan Will Not Rotate

My HY-204 doesn't rotate.

Rotation Button Not Pressed

In order for the fan to rotate, the rotation button must be pressed down. Locate the button at the top of the fan, to the left of the speed dial. It has two arrows going in a circle on it. Press the rotation button to enable the fans rotation. Use this video to help.

Rotation Motor Broken

There may be a problem with the rotation motor that makes your fan oscillate; it could either be faulty or damaged. You can check it out and replace it with this guide.

Settings on Fan Won’t Change

The controls for the speed, scent, and/or rotation aren't working.

Stuck Buttons

Gunk or dirt might have gotten stuck in/around buttons, making them stick and stop responding. Remove them using this guide and clean any dirt or debris off of the buttons.

Faulty Motor

The motor may be broken or burned out, preventing any of the button inputs from working. If the motor is broken, it has to be replaced entirely. Replace it following this guide.

Fan has Restricted Airflow

Even at the highest setting, there is almost no air coming from my HY-204.

Dirty Blades

Dust or other particles may be restricting airflow coming from the fan. To remove anything blocking the airflow, disassemble the fan using this guide and clean off the fan blades and the vents in the fan's housing.


We bought the fan and liked it so we bought another but the 1st fan stopped oscillating. It has not been a year! I hear this is a common issue so I will tell all "Error on the side of caution" We feel this surprising from Honeywell and wont but buy more. Which is lame we liked the fan while it oscillated

Molly Birdsall - Reply

In the place where the temp usually is it says EO - what does that mean? It's really hot in CAtoday.

Mary OD - Reply

Why doesn’t it stay on the highest setting ? It keeps lowering the airflow to sleep mode - I need it blasting or it’s useless to me- I bought it at Walmart - it was out of the box and has no remote or instructions so I am unsure if there’s something I can do to make it stay on the highest setting?

dina - Reply

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