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Revision to Xkey Mobile Music Keyboard


[title|Xkey Mobile Music Keyboard]
[summary]Xkey Mobile Music Keyboard Model Number: KX01U14
Date released:[/summary]
== Won't connect via USB ==
''An outside source can not be connected via the USB port.''
=== USB entrance piece is dented or physically impaired ===
To test this, try to insert a USB cord without struggling. If you struggle remove the cord and look directly at the input place to detect any dents or physical imparities. If the entrance USB piece is simply not in place, use a tool from the "Pro Tech Tool Kit" to move the piece back into place. If the piece is dented, try to reduce the dent with a tool by applying pressure to the area or simply replace the USB port piece.
== Buttons will not respond ==
"When attempting to press buttons on the keyboard they do not respond with the desired result"
=== Device may need resetting ===
In order to reset your device to factory default you would need to press and hold Oct +/- ==> while you are connected with the USB cable.
Another way to reset this device will be to use the Xkey plus reset to factory button and try again.
=== The buttons may be physically worn ===
To fix this issue you would need to contact to order the replace parts and contact your local electronic repair shop.
== Silicone button covers come off ==
"The buttons on the keyboard made of silicone are continuously coming off"
=== Flaps of the button may be out of place ===
You can use a tool from the "Pro Tech Tool kit" to push the flaps of the button back into place.
=== The silicone button itself may be ripped ===
If this silicone piece is ripped then you would need to contact and order a replace button piece. You can insert this yourself or contact your local electronic repair shop.
== Light for the USB connecter won't turn on ==
" The light detecting whether the device is on or off will not come on"
=== Make sure the USB is connected to a power source ===
=== May need factory resetting ===
== Any issues that are "non-fixable" there is a two-year warranty on this device ==