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Revision to UnBranded UB-15MS10 Troubleshooting

Paula Cox

If camera mode is black, check for obstructions. If there is no obstructions follow this guide to replace the camera.
== The Sound Won't Work ==
''The sound is distorted or does not work at all.''
=== Sound is Distorted ===
Check the exterior speaker wholes for obstructions. If this does not fix the problem follow the (insert link here) to open the device to check the inside for debris around the speaker.
If the sound is distorted, make sure the speaker is clean and free of water damage and debris. Check the connection for frayed wires. If there are frayed wires follow the (insert link here) to repair the speaker.
=== The Sound Does Not Work at All ===
Check to see if the sound is enabled in the device settings. If the sound is enabled try turning the volume up. If the problem still persist, you may follow (insert link here) to replace the speaker.

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