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Revision to UnBranded UB-15MS10 Troubleshooting

Paula Cox

If the device does not turn on after five minutes of being on the charger, the battery might be completely dead or faulty, and you will need to replace your battery. Many businesses have service technicians willing to help you change your battery for a fee, if you would like to replace the battery yourself, follow this link for instructions: (insert link here).
== Camera Mode Display is Blurry or Black ==
"When I go to the camera mode, the display is black or blurry."
=== Blurry Display ===
If camera mode is blurry , check to see if lens is obstructed.
If lens is obstructed, remove any obstruction and clean lens with micro-fiber cloth, and mild cleaning solution. If lens is still blurry after cleaning, check for cracks. If there are cracks follow (insert link here)
=== Black Display ===
If camera mode is black, check for obstructions. If there is no obstructions follow this guide to replace the camera.

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