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Revision to UnBranded UB-15MS10 Troubleshooting

Matthew Coughlin

If your screen is cracked, there is no way to repair the glass. The only options are to pay to have it replaced or learn to replace it yourself. If you choose to replace it yourself, here are the steps that you need to take: [guide|52227|Screen Replacement Guide].
=== Screen has had Some Sort of Internal fault ===
The screen may not appear to have any cracks or damage but it may be broken inside. If this is the case the screen will need to be replaced by following the guide here.
== Device won’t turn on ==
Try plugging the charger into another device. If that device is able to charge then the problem is with the charging port on your device. Follow the charging port replacement guide here to replace the charging port on your device.
=== Battery is Faulty ===
the battery could be faulty and this would make it so it will not charge. If this is the case the battery will need to be replaced. Follow the guide here.
== Camera Mode Display is Blurry or Black ==

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