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Revision to Sony Vaio PCG-933A Troubleshooting

Sara Lillard

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== Laptop won't turn on ==
''No matter what you try, your laptop won't turn on.''
=== Uncharged battery ===
Plug your power cord into your laptop with the battery remaining in the laptop. Allow it to charge for at least an hour. If this doesn’t turn it on, you may have a dead battery.
=== Dead battery ===
Take the battery out of the laptop, but keep your power cord connected. If your laptop turns on then the battery is completely dead and you need to replace it. If your laptop still won’t turn on there may be a problem with the power cord itself, or an internal wiring might be faulty.
== No sound plays ==
''You can't hear anything from the laptop.''
=== Sound is muted ===
Check the control panel for muted settings, or the FN bottoms at the top of the keyboard to change volume. If the control panel has the muted box check, uncheck it, or push the FN muted button and your sound should work.
=== Headphones are faulty ===
If your headphone jack is still not working, your headphones might be bad. Replace them and see if this solves the problem. If none of these work you may have some internal wiring problems that won’t allow your sound to play.
=== Headphone jack is broken ===
If your sound through the headphone jack is suddenly dying or stops randomly, your headphone jack may be faulty. Check the jack for any slight distortion, corroding or if there is anything in the way of your cord. If there is, clean it out with a quick blast of air. If your jack is distorted you may need to replace it.
== Monitor won't turn on ==
''You can't see anything when your laptop is turned on.''
=== Monitor is darkened ===
Your screen may have been darkened. To fix this, press the brightness keys, usually at the top of your keyboard. If you can’t find the keys, turn your laptop off. Turn your laptop back on, but before it boots up, hit F8 on the keyboard. This enters into your system settings menu, then look for your display settings options to adjust screen brightness, turn the brightness to its maximum and save the settings. Reboot your computer.
=== Battery problem ===
Sometimes the battery is at fault. Turn off your computer and remove the battery. Leave it for a few minutes, then put the battery back in and restart your computer.
=== Backlight problem ===
Sometimes the problem lies with the backlight of the screen. If you can see some of your monitor from different angles then your backlight is faulty and you need to replace it.
== Floppy disk drive won't read ==
''Floppy disk drive won't recognize floppies.''
=== Faulty floppy disk ===
Try another floppy disk. Make sure that it is the floppy disk drive that isn't working properly and not your floppy disk, by putting in another floppy disk and trying to run it. If the other floppy disk runs, then your first floppy disk is at fault. If the new floppy disk doesn't run either, there is something wrong with the floppy drive.
=== Interference in floppy disk drive ===
Make sure there is nothing in floppy disk drive that could be obstructing it from reading the CD's. Any scrap of paper or some dirty can interfere with it. For dust and dirt, use bursts of air to clean it out, it should get most to all of it out.
=== Faulty floppy drive ===
If nothing above works, then you will have to replace your floppy drive. Follow the [guide|5479|repair guide for replacing a floppy drive] to do this correctly.
== Hard drive fails ==
''The hard drive failed.''
=== Magnetic interference ===
Make sure there are no magnets near your computer. Magnetic Interference can wipe out data on your computer, and mess with your hard drive. Remove any magnetic substances near your laptop and that should fix your problem.
=== Faulty hard drive ===
If your hard drive isn't responding, you may have to replace it. Follow the [guide|5480|repair guide for replacing a hard drive] to do this correctly. Typical hard drive failure symptoms are, if your computer has the "Blue Screen of Death" or fails to boot into Windows, or if your computer continually restarts while trying to boot into Windows
== Laptop is slow ==
''Laptop is running really slow.''
=== Too many programs ===
You may have too many programs running at once and your laptop's memory can't keep up with it all. Close the programs on your computer that you are not currently using and see if that helps.
=== Not enough RAM ===
Your RAM is your laptop's memory. If your computer is too slow, you may not have enough memory and may need to add more or replace the one you have. Follow the [guide|5481|repair guide for replacing RAM] to do this correctly.
== Fan isn't working ==
''Your fan doesn't run when you turn on your computer.''
=== Dust or dirt in fan ===
There may be dirt or dust clogged up in your fan. To remove it, use a can of spray air and spray it into the fan exhaust port, usually in the back or the side of your laptop. This will solve most of your problems with your fan and cooling issues.
=== Replace thermal paste ===
First, dust out the fan. If it still isn't working properly or is too loud, then you need to replace the thermal paste. Only replace the thermal paste if your laptop is overheating or consistently shuts down after long periods of use. Follow the [guide|5499|repair guide for applying new thermal paste] to do this correctly.
=== Fan is broken ===
If none of the above works, then your fan is probably broken and needs to be replaced. Follow the [guide|5496|repair guide for fan replacement] to do this correctly.
== Keyboard problems ==
''Your keyboard isn't responding or specific keys don't work when typing.''
=== Dirt or liquid under keys ===
There is probably dirt and dust under your keys that is interfering with the laptop reading keystrokes that you type. Take a spray air can and get out as much dirt as possible. If there is liquid, use a hair dryer to try and dry the liquid but you may need to replace the keyboard for it to work properly.
=== Internal keyboard problem ===
Hook up an external keyboard to your computer. If your external keyboard works then your internal keyboard is faulty and you may need to replace it. Follow the [guide|5489|repair guide for keyboard replacement] to do this correctly.
== DVD drive not reading ==
''Your DVD-ROM drive isn't reading your DVDs.''
=== Interference in DVD ===
Clear out any dust or other obstruction in the DVD drive. With the spray air can, spray bursts of air through the opening to clear out any dust or dirt.
=== Faulty DVD drive ===
Your DVD-ROM drive may be broken and need to be replaced. Follow the [guide|5500|repair guide for the DVD-ROM replacement] to do this correctly.