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Revision to Skullcandy UPROCK Troubleshooting

Joi Jackson

-== Cannot replace earpiece cushions ==
+== Ear cushion malfunction ==
''Earpiece cushions will not fit on to individual earpieces.''
+=== Cannot replace ear cushions ===
Pull the earpiece cushion over with your fingers. Hold the cushion in the groove of the earpiece with your fingernail, while you pull more of the cushion to the opposite side of the earpiece.
If there is uneven sound in the headphones, make sure that your headphones are plugged in all the way. If they are and an evenly distributed sound did not occur from testing the wires, then the issue might be the area around the auxiliary jack.
-== Self­-adjusting headband is cracked ==
+== Headband malfunction ==
''Headband is cracked.''
+=== Self-adjusting headband is cracked ===
If the headband cracks due to being stepped on or dropped, use super glue or tape to fix the crack in the headband.

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