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Revision to Samsung SPH-A660 Troubleshooting

Chris Hinds

== Cell phone won't turn on ==
=== Dead/Drained Battery ===
* Make sure that your phone is charged. You may have a drained battery and the phone may simply need to be charged in order to turn on. You may accomplish this by plugging the charger into the cell phone and wait several minutes, then try turning the phone on.
=== Broken Display ===
* You may have a broken display; the phone may be working just fine, however the screen may not be displaying the information. If nothing is visible on the screen, or the screen is black, you may need to replace it.
=== Bad Logic Board ===
* The problem may lie within the logic board, in which case, the logic board will need to be replaced
== The keypad/some keys don't work ==
=== Faulty Logic Board ===