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Revision to Samsung NP N310 HAA2US Troubleshooting

Amir Afridi

== Laptop is getting hot ==
-=== Replace Cooling Fan ===
+=== Cooling Fan Is Clogged ===
+If the cooling fan is clogged with dust, you can clean it out with a can of compressed air.
+=== Cooling Fan is Bad, and Needs to be Replaced. ===
If the laptop is overheating the cooling fan may need to be replaced. To replace the cooling fan, [guide|74151|use this guide].
== Computer is running slow or freezing ==
-=== Restart computer to clear ram ===
+=== RAM needs to be cleared ===
Sometimes you can fix this problem by resetting the ram. If the problem persists you will need to replace the ram.
-=== Replace ram ===
+=== RAM needs to be replaced ===
If the computer is still running slowly, you will need more RAM. [guide|73470|Use this guide] to replace the RAM.
== Computer storage is full ==
-=== Delete Files or Programs That You Don't Use ===
+=== Computer Has Too Many Junk Files, or Unused Files ===
If the computer is full on storage, you can delete files or programs that you don't use. To delete files, click on 'Start' at the bottom left of the screen. Then, click on 'My Computer'. Go through your files, and delete any files and program that you don't use, or don't need.
-=== Replace Hard Drive ===
+=== Hard Drive Needs to be Replaced ===
To replace the hard drive, [guide|74082|use this guide].
== Computer won't power on ==
-=== Plug power in ===
+=== Power is Not Plugged in ===
If the computer won't power on the battery may be dead. Try plugging the laptop into the charger, and plugging the charger into the wall. A charging light will come on to the left of the mouse pad.
-=== Replace Battery ===
+=== Battery Needs to be Replaced ===
To replace the battery, [guide|72541|use this guide].

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