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Revision to Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting

Alex Ottoboni

''Your phone will not boot''
-=== Battery not correctly installed ===
+=== The battery is not correctly installed ===
Your battery may require a little extra force when inserting to make sure all the pins on the battery are making contact with the phone. Without proper contact the phone will not receive power.
-=== Battery dead ===
+=== The battery is dead ===
Even when the phone is not being used it still sips power listening for phone calls or text messages. Your battery could have died, this can be remedied by using the included charging cable, or [guide|25380|swapping out the battery].
Dropping your phone can cause damage to the internals even without obvious external damage. You may need to replace the motherboard or screen.
-== Galaxy S5 camera is unresponsive ==
+== The Galaxy S5's camera is unresponsive ==
''Camera application shuts down or does not operate''
The battery may be unable to charge and will need to be replaced: you can buy a replacement battery from a third party or from Samsung.
+=== The charging port is broken ===
+The USB charging port may be broken and [|need to be replaced].
== SD card is not usable in software ==

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