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Revision to Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting


Most gloves will interfere with touchscreen sensors. Take off any material covering your hands.
-== The phone cannot make Calls ==
+== '''The touchscreen is flickering and/or flashing green''' ==
+''The display is flickering, or is flashing a green or yellow colour''
+=== The screen is wearing out ===
+The S5’s AMOLED display is known to wear out over time. Using a higher brightness setting will oftentimes alleviate the issue, however the only true fix is to [guide|25367|replace the screen.]
+The screen will likely always have these issues when turning the display on or off, or after leaving the phone for long enough, due to the phone’s dimming features.
+Anecdotally, keeping the screen at a higher brightness before the issues occur will help prolong the life of the screen.
+Temperature also anecdotally appears to affect the display. The colder it gets, the more it flickers at the same brightness.
+* Turn off automatic brightness and turn off power saving mode to help keep the brightness increased.
+* A third party screen dimming app can be used, such as Twilight. This works as the screen itself is technically at the same brightness on the hardware level.
+* A custom kernel can be installed to change the minimum screen brightness to a level where it will not flicker.
+* Some users have allegedly found success by turning on the setting “Disable Hardware Overlays” in Developer Options, and waiting up to 5 hours. '''This is untested and may affect battery life.'''
+== The phone cannot make calls ==
''The phone is working normally, except it cannot make calls''

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