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Revision to Roku XD 2050X Troubleshooting


-== Problem 1 ==
+== Roku Will Not Turn On ==
-''Problem brief description.''
+''There is no power to the device.''
-=== possible cause 1 ===
+=== The power cable is not inserted properly. ===
-Steps to solution
+Make sure that you have plugged the power cable in properly. First, remove the power cable from both the wall outlet and the device, and wait approximately twenty seconds. Then, plug the power cord into a wall outlet, ensuring that the plug is seated firmly into the proper outlet. If you are using a power strip or surge protector, be sure that the strip is switched on and plugged in. Next, insert the power cable into the port marked “DC in” on the device, and make sure it is seated firmly.
-=== possible cause 2 ===
+=== The power cable does not work. ===
-Steps to solution
+If you have inserted the power cable properly but the device still will not turn on, you may have a bad power cable. First, try plugging the cable into an outlet in a different room of your house. You may have a bad electrical outlet! If you are plugging your Roku into a surge protector/power strip, try using a different power strip, or plugging the device directly into a wall outlet. If the Roku still won’t turn on, another thing that you might try in this case is to borrow a power cable from another Roku XD device. If the borrowed power cable works, this probably means that the one that came with your device no longer functions. At this point you need to replace your power cable. Do not attempt to repair your power cable, as this could result in property loss, serious injury, or even death.
-=== possible cause 3 ===
+=== I’ve followed the previous steps, but my device still won’t turn on! ===
-Steps to solution
+If you have determined that the power cable is not the source of the problem, your last option may be to replace the power cable port itself. This involves disassembling the device, and a bit of soldering. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do this, simply [guide|0|follow this link].
-=== possible cause 4 ===
+=== My Roku still won’t turn on! ===
-Steps to solution
+If you have followed all of the previous steps and the device still won’t turn on, your options are limited. You might want to read further into this troubleshooting guide, and the subsequent repair guides, to learn how to replace the motherboard in the device, as this is the primary component of the Roku XD. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new Roku XD.
== Problem 2 ==

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