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Revision to Repair Guide FAQ-ru

Alex Yanitskiy

[title|Repair Guide FAQ-ru]
== Why write repair guides? ==
* Help us [[Info:Environment|fix the world]].
* Empower others by showing them how to fix their devices.
* Show your friends how smart you are.
* Show what's [guide|714|inside the devices] that people use every day.
* Show the world how stuff works.
* For the sheer joy of tinkering.
* Teach everyone else how to open their devices.
== How are repair guides licensed? ==
We license all user-contributed repair guides under the [link||Creative Commons] Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike [link||license].
You are free to republish, share, and remix repair guides as long as you attribute the source link, use it for a noncommercial purpose, and distribute any modifications of the repair guide under a similar license.
We're very open to people using repair guides in other creative ways. If you want to use a repair guide for a commercial purpose, contact kyle [at] ifixit [dot] com.
Members of the press may use three repair guide photos per story with attribution without specific permission. More generous press licensing is easily obtainable by emailing us.
Also see the [[Info:licensing]] page for more more details on using content.