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Revision to Palm Treo 600 Troubleshooting

Clement Poisson

== Device is not responding ==
''It's Glitchy''
=== Re-calibrate the screen ===
If the screen doesn't respond accurately to taps, or if it activates the wrong features, try this up for size:
# Press the home button(applications launcher).
# Choose the pick list at the top-right hand corner, then select All.
# Choose the prefs icon
# Choose the pick list at the pot-right hand corner, then select Display.
# Choose Touchscreen.
# Follow the the given instructions.
''It's frozen''
=== Perform a Soft Reset ===
If the device is not responding or you are having trouble synchronizing to a computer, try the following steps:
'''Note:''' Do NOT do the soft reset if the device is low on battery!
# Unscrew tip of stylus
# Insert the reset tool into the small hole on the back of the device to press reset button.
=== Perform a System Reset ===
If the device is looping or it failed to reset with a soft reset, try the following steps:
'''Note:''' Looping occurs when the device fails to end an operation.
# Press and hold the up arrow
# Insert reset tool and press reset button on the back of the device.
# When Palm logo appears on display, release the up arrow button.
=== When all else fails ===
'''WARNING:''' Performing a hard reset will '''erase ALL information''' saved on the device. It is recommended that you HotSync all your data before trying this. After completing the hard reset, you can restore your device using HotSync.
# Unscrew the tip of the stylus.
# Locate the "reset" hole on the back of the device.
# Press and hold the power button on the top of the device and then press the reset button with the stylus pin.
# First remove the pin from the reset hole, then release the power button.
# The screen will display "erase all data?" Tap the up arrow to answer yes.
== Device won't turn on ==
=== Dead Battery ===
Make sure that the battery is not dead by plugging the device into its charger.
=== Display Appears Black ===
Look very carefully at the screen, for the backlight might be turned all the way down.
If you see something, follow these steps:
# Press the application launcher button.
# Choose the pick list in the upper-right hand corner, then select All.
# Choose the Prefs icon.
# Choose the pick list in the upper-right hand corner, then select Display.
# Choose the sun icon slider, and press left and right buttons to adjust the brightness to your liking.
=== Broken Display ===
If you tried the previous guides, then the screen or the Logic board may need to be replaced. Check out the [|Device Page] and look for the corresponding repair manual.
== Not Receiving Calls ==
=== Wireless mode if off ===
''When wireless mode is off, you are not connected to the network.''
Press the button that is on the top end of the device next to the antenna.
=== Sim card is not installed correctly ===
# Locate the sim slot on the top of the device, near the antenna.
# Remove the sim tray from the sim slot.
# Make sure that the sim card is properly oriented in the tray.
** The notch in the sim card must correspond with the notch in the tray.
# Clean the sim card by using a q-tip and rubbing alcohol on the electrical contacts.
# Place the sim card in the tray, and reinstall the tray into the slot.