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Revision to Onkyo TX-800 Troubleshooting

Miroslav Djuric

[summary]The Onkyo TX800 is a solid state receiver that debuted in 1989 and was discontinued in 2002.[/summary]
== The device won't turn on ==
=== Device is underpowered ===
If you have an international version of the TX800, you can switch the voltage of it on the back from 120V to 240V. This allows the receiver to be used in countries with different electrical standards. Your receiver probably got switched on accident to the 240V setting.
Luckily, it is as easy to fix as a flip of a switch! Look on the back panel of the receiver and you should see a red switch near the power plug. If the switch reads "240V", use a screwdriver to move the red switch over to the 120V setting. If it does not, and it reads 120V, read the following section.
=== Power fuse has blown ===
If the power fuse is blown, the electrical current from the power outlet will not be able to reach the rest of the receiver's circuitry. To check if the power fuse is blown, follow our [guide|2734|repair guide].
=== Outlet Doesn't Work ===
It's possible that the outlet could not be working. First, remove any attachment to the outlet that could have a faulty connection. Then, test the outlet with another device known to be working. If the other device doesn't work, then simply use a different outlet.
== One audio channel is quieter than the other ==
=== Equalizer/balance is incorrectly set ===
The rightmost knob in the right side of the front panel controls how much sound each speaker plays.
Follow the [guide|2732|repair guide] to correctly set your balance.
=== Internal components are too oxidized ===
If one channel of audio is still weaker than the other after adjusting the equalizer for the receiver, the problem might be that your receiver’s internal components are too oxidized.
Oxidation occurs when metals interact with oxygen. This causes the connections within your receiver to be weak, thus producing weak sound. Oxidation is natural, and luckily, reversible. You will need to open the receiver up with this [guide|2735|repair guide] and buy some [|DeoxIT] spray from your favorite online retailer.
== Front panel buttons do not work ==
=== Button pin is crooked ===
If the buttons on the front of the receiver do not work, follow our [guide|2739|repair guide] to resolve the problem.
=== Buttons on logic board are broken ===
If you followed the above repair guide and the button pin is correctly aligned and presses the button on the front panel logic board, but still does not work, the button on the logic board is broken. This means the receiver must be shipped to the manufacturer to be repaired.