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Revision to Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo BL641 Troubleshooting


[title|Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo BL641 Troubleshooting]
[summary]Nutri Ninja® Ninja® Blender DUO™ with Auto-iQ®
Model BL641[/summary]
== Audio Distortion ==
''You have trouble listening to sounds on your computer.''
=== Loose Headphone Jack ===
Test audio through the computer speakers, then test it using headphones. If the audio is only distorted while listening via headphones, the audio jack or the headphones themselves may be faulty. Audio that cuts in and out is often a sign of a loose audio jack, so make sure the audio jack is fully inserted in the computer.
=== Faulty Driver ===
If the audio sound is distorted when listening through the laptop’s speakers, the audio driver may be corrupt. Search for [|Lenovo G560]. Click “Lenovo G560 Notebook,” then click “Drivers & Software.” Click the “Audio” tab and select and download the appropriate driver. Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound Controllers. Click on your sound card and click “Update driver.” Select your updated driver, then restart the computer.
== Failure to Read CD's and DVD's ==
''Your Lenovo G560 will not read any CD's or DVD's.''
=== Broken/Defective Optical Drive ===
If your Lenovo G560 optical drive does not open or does not read CD's or DVD's, the optical drive may be broken and [guide|12751|needs to be replaced].