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Revision to Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo BL641 Troubleshooting

Allie Decker

If this is happening, it means you have a dull blade and will have to replace it. '''DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHARPEN THE BLADE ON YOUR OWN'''
== Blender Will Not Turn On ==
''Blender does not respond when you attempt to use it.''
'''Outlet Issues'''
Check to make sure the blender is plugged in properly and that it is a closed circuit, meaning that if the outlet is controlled by a switch, make sure the switch is turned on. Additionally make sure that if your outlet has a built-in GFCI circuit breaker that it is not tripped by pressing the reset button.
'''Blender Still Will Not Turn On'''
This may be due to a problem with the power cord, meaning the whole unit may need to be replaced, or the motor may be damaged and needing to be replaced.

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