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Revision to Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo BL641 Troubleshooting


''The blades are not moving or are not moving as they should''
=== Damaged Motor ==='''Damaged Motor'''
=== Damaged Motor ==='''Damaged Motor'''
If there is no sound coming from the blender when the blades should be turning it could be the motor is broken and needs to be replaced.
=== Jammed'''Jammed or Damaged Gears ===Gears'''
=== Jammed'''Jammed or Damaged Gears ===Gears'''
If there is a sound of the motor trying to turn but the blades still are not spinning, the gears could be jammed, broken/stripped, or knocked out of place. You will need to take apart the gear assembly and may need to replace a gear.
== Failure to Read CD's and DVD's ==
''Your Lenovo G560 will not read any CD's or DVD's.''
=== Broken/Defective Optical Drive ===
If your Lenovo G560 optical drive does not open or does not read CD's or DVD's, the optical drive may be broken and [guide|12751|needs to be replaced].
== Leaking Blender ==
''Liquid comes out of the blender while in use.''
=== Broken Jar ==='''Broken Jar'''
=== Broken Jar ==='''Broken Jar'''
If the leaking is a result of a crack in the glass jar, then you will have to purchase and replace it with a new jar.
=== Dislodged/Damaged'''Dislodged/Damaged Sealing Ring ===Ring'''
=== Dislodged/Damaged'''Dislodged/Damaged Sealing Ring ===Ring'''
Check to see if the sealing ring is loose or damaged. If the sealing ring is loose, simply adjust it until it is tight. If the seal ring is damaged, you will have to purchase a replacement seal and change it.
If blend is too runny, then make sure that you did not put too little in the blender and avoid blending it all in one pulse. For best results, make sure to use many short pulses when blending until the desired consistency is reached.
== Blender is Still not Blending as Promised ==
''Even when you don't put much in the blender, the consistency is still chunky.''
If this is happening, it means you have a dull blade and will have to replace it. '''DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHARPEN THE BLADE ON YOUR OWN'''

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