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Revision to Nikon D5200 Troubleshooting

Alexis Evans

If the battery is out of charge, the camera will not turn on and none of the buttons will respond. To fix this, charge the battery or switch the battery for a charged one. First remove the battery by following the instructions in the "Removing the Battery" guide, then charge it with your charger.
== Camera Won't Turn On ==
'' The power button is unresponsive when pressed.''
=== Debris in the Battery Compartment ===
Sometimes dust, dirt, or other things can get into the battery compartment. Remove the battery and clean it and the compartment with a cotton swab, or some other dry cloth. Do not use any sort of liquid to clean the inside of your battery compartment.
=== Dead Battery ===
If the camera is not turning on, checking the battery is the first step to finding a solution. Please reference the previous [[Nikon D5200 Troubleshooting#Section_Dead_Battery_1|dead battery solution]].
=== Bad Charger ===
Over time the cords to chargers can go bad. If a battery will not charge be sure to test another charger and even other outlets before assuming there is a problem with the battery. If the charger is bad a new one can be purchased online or at a local electronics store.
=== Bad Battery ===
A bad battery is a battery that does not stay charged for long or will not charge all together. Before replacing what seems like a bad battery, attempt to charge the battery. If it has still not charged then check for a [[Nikon D5200 Troubleshooting#Section_Bad_Charger|bad charger]] before purchasing a new battery. The old battery can be recycled at a local hardware, electronics, or battery supply store. If you are unsure of where to recycle your batteries, please contact [|Battery Recyclers of America] for more information.
== Poor Picture Quality ==
If the SD card is full it will not let you save more pictures. To remedy this you can upload your pictures onto a computer, insert another SD card, or delete pictures.
== Pictures Won't Print ==
''Pictures will not print from the SD Card or when connecting by USB Cord.''
=== SD Card is Not Compatible ===
Pictures can be printed by inserting the SD Card into a printer or computer, however not all printers and computers can support SD Cards. Check user manuals to be sure that the SD Card type is compatible with the computer or printer being used.
=== Bad USB Cord or Port ===
Similar to [[Nikon D5200 Troubleshooting#Section_Bad_Charger|bad chargers]], USB cords can go bad over time. Test a different USB cord and different USB ports on your laptop or printer to make sure that the cord is still good. Also, be sure that the camera is directly connected to the printer and not a USB hub. Reference page 137 of the [|official manual].
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