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Revision to LG VX5400 Troubleshooting

Elizabeth Chandy

Why wont my cell phone turn on?
Solution: Battery Replacement
The most logical reasoning to why the cell phone won't turn on is because the battery is either missing or dead. It is an easy step to replace the battery. Once the battery is replaced, turn on the cell phone and it showed start up.
Part of my keypad broke off.. what can i do?
Solution: Replace the keypad for the cell phone.
Keypads for cell phones either broke off or malfunction due to various factors. This is definitely a problem if one text messages others as well as makes constant phone calls. The best thing to do is to replace the keypad with a new one to help with the functionality of the cell phone.
There is a crack in my cell phone case.. is there anyway to replace it?
Solution: Remove and replace the outer case.