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Revision to LGX6000 Troubleshooting

Barrett Wallace

The LG VX6000 was released in 2003, It came with a stunning number of features for that time including a round-design 330,000-pixel camera, a color TFT-LCD for the interior window, as well as an Organic Electro-Luminescent (OEL) display for the external window.
'''Note:''' This guide only covers this specific LG model phone, other models will be covered in separate troubleshooting guides.
== LG VX6000 wont hold a charge ==
''The phone looses its charge within an hour of it being charged. ''
=== Battery issues ===
The battery may be malfunctioning such that it no longer is able to hold a charge. This can be due to many reasons such as water damage, age, and repeated dropping of the phone. To diagnose if your battery is malfunctioning click here ++insert link here++
=== Network Issues ===
The Phone may be losing battery because it is constantly searching for a signal in your area. This drains the battery of the phone very quickly. For ways to avoid this problem click here ++ insert link here ++