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Revision to IBM WorkPad c3 Troubleshooting

Mike Smith

The IBM WorkPad c3 is the very close cousin to the Palm V and Vx, differing only by brand name and body style.
== WorkPad doesn't work ==
''The WorkPad display will not turn on, no matter what buttons are pressed.''
=== Battery issues ===
==== Defective Battery ====
If your WorkPad doesn't turn on even after charging for multiple hours, it could be that the batter itself has gone bad. This is a very easy fix if you follow our [[Guide:1000|battery replacement guide]].
==== Defective Charger ====
Less often the problem could be that the IBM WorkPad c3 charger is faulty.
=== LCD issues ===
This problem could be caused by a defective/broken LCD screen. These take a little work to replace, but if you are willing to do it you can follow the [[brokenlink|LCD replacement guide]].
=== Software issues ===
Some problems on the WorkPad can easily be cleared by performing a hard reset. To do this:
* Hold down the power button on the WorkPad
* Insert a paperclip end into the