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Revision to Dell XPS 17 L702X Troubleshooting

Tony Thai

[title|Dell XPS 17 L702X Troubleshooting]
[summary]Released in 2011, identified by model number P09E.[/summary]
== ''' Laptop is unable to connect to WiFi router''' ==
''No matter what you try, you cannot connect to the WiFi router.''
=== WiFi is not turned on ===
Check to see if the wireless status light is turned on. If the light is turned on, the wireless is on and if not, the wireless is turned off. If the wireless light is off, click both "Fn" and "F2" to enable the wireless.
=== Wireless router is either off or not plugged in ===
Go to your wireless router and see if it is on. If the wireless router is not on, check to see if the router is plugged into an outlet. Once it is plugged in, push the power button/switch to turn on the router. Check the indicator lights on the modem to see if it is functioning properly. Once it is working properly, attempt to connect to the wireless router.
=== Password to WiFi is incorrect ===
Go to your wireless settings and check the properties. Scroll down to security and check if your passwords and security settings are correct. Once they are correct, reconnect to the WiFi.
=== Drivers are out of date ===
First, check and see if your drivers are out of date. In order to do so, click the Start button and select the Control Panel button. Then click System and Security and afterwards click on Device Managers. Scroll down to Network Adapters and expand it. Once you do that, right click on the Wireless Network Adapter and select properties. After that click the Driver tab and check the driver version. If the driver version is out of date, click Update Driver to update the driver. Then retry connecting to the wireless router.