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Revision to Dell XPS 17 L702X Troubleshooting

Tony Thai

In order to end the "Run once wrapper" press the control, alt, delete buttons and scroll down to click on Task Manager. Once you locate the Run Once Wrapper in the process tab, right click and scroll down to end task. When the desktop appears, click on the Start button and in the search bar type Uninstall a program. Select and uninstall WSE_Binkiland, after the program is uninstalled click the start button again and restart the computer.
== '''Blue screen of death appears''' ==
“While doing some work, the blue screen of death appears”
=== '''Major hard disk errors''' ===
If you experience the blue screen of death, BSOD, you should check for hard disk errors. In order to check, you first go and click the Start button and then click Computer. After you do that, right click the drive to be checked and click on Properties. Then select the tools tab and click the Check now button that is under Error-checking. If there is an error detected, select “Automatically fix file system errors”.
=== '''Memory problems''' ===
Begin by opening Memory Diagnostics by selecting the Start button and clicking Control Panel. Go to the search bar and type “Memory”. After you type “Memory”, select Diagnose your computer’s memory problems. If a window pops up asking for an administrator password or confirmation, enter the password or provide confirmation. If you choose to run the tool immediately, close all running programs and save all of your work. When you restart your Windows, the Memory Diagnostics Tool will automatically run.
=== '''Windows unable to recover''' ===
If you are unable to recover from the BSOD in any other way, you may need to reinstall Windows 7. You can do this by using your Windows 7 installation disc or setup files. However if you do choose this last resort option, reinstalling Windows 7 will delete any of the programs you have installed and will be restored to the default settings. Your personal files and programs will need to be reinstalled afterwards by either files or installation discs.

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